February 8, 2023

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Dubai is an important destination for those with big real estate ambitions

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The Bloomberg News Agency explained that Dubai has always been a prime destination for people with great ambitions in terms of real estate, for real estate or investment purposes. The company explained that this attraction is due to Dubai’s reputation for implementing giant real estate projects characterized by its extreme luxury.

Yesterday, Bloomberg released a report on the real estate market in Dubai, after a huge price increase in this market, especially luxury real estate prices, the most important villas last year, which still continues. Year.

In its report, British real estate consulting firm Knight Frank quoted earlier data as saying that luxury real estate prices in Dubai would rise by 56% in 2021, making Dubai the world’s leading luxury city. Real estate prices in the last year.

The report said that the recovery of the real estate market in Dubai has been extended to 2022, which is reflected in many digital realities. For example, last April was the most active month in the number of real estate deals the Emirate has seen since 2009, according to data provided by Property Finder, which specializes in real estate data.

The report points out that the Dubai economy is currently recovering due to the new arrival of a large group of people staying and working in the emirate, a positive result of the major changes made by the Dubai government in the system of governing laws and regulations. Residence of foreigners.

The company added that Dubai’s economy has benefited from its ability to attract everyone. From economists who want an alternative to the still-pending closure of large-scale Asian countries to wealthy Russians who want to avoid Western sanctions. Country due to events in Ukraine.

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