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Dubai is home to one of the largest black diamonds in the world


Dubai: “Gulf”

The Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC) has announced that it will be hosting a special display of the largest and rarest black diamonds known as “Enigma” on the Dubai Diamond Exchange.

Weighing in at 555.55 carats and with 55 glamorous faces, this exceptional diamond will be presented to the public for the first time in Dubai with the participation of a group of leading companies involved in the diamond and gem trade. World at the exclusive exhibition organized by Sotheby’s auction house on the Dubai Stock Exchange for diamonds. This unique diamond is the largest diamond to be auctioned in the world, participating in a global auction tour starting in Dubai and ending in London via Los Angeles. In the month of February.

According to the Joplin Foundation and the Gemological Institute of the United States, Enigma was the largest natural black diamond in the world as of 2004, and was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest polished diamond in 2006. Its design comes from diamond Rare diamond inspired by the amulet of fortune in the Middle East, which is associated with the number five and symbolizes security, strength and security.

Ahmed Bin Suleiman, CEO and CEO of DMCC, said: “We are proud to host this unique display of this exceptional and rare diamond on the Dubai Diamond Exchange, reaffirming the Dubai Emirate’s leading position to grow into a global hub for the diamond and precious stones trade by 2021. Following the impressive performance of the Dubai Diamond Exchange by conducting 68 tenders for diamonds and gemstones, we are pleased to kick off the new year with this exceptional offer and look forward to continuing to grow and advance in welcoming participants from the International Diamond Community today at the Dubai Diamond Conference in Dubai, which is scheduled for next month. Has become a leading hub and we are committed to establishing a system that is supported by the pillars of growth and development. Lom, and has all the capabilities needed to stabilize Dubai’s position. An important and important weight on the map of the global diamond trade. “

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DMCC has always been active in enhancing Dubai’s presence as a leading global hub for the diamond trade, in line with its vision of attracting, facilitating and guiding new trade flows to the United Arab Emirates. Today, the Dubai Diamond Exchange, the largest facility for conducting diamond tenders, operates more than 1,100 international and regional companies specializing in the diamond and precious stones trade, with solid and reliable foundations. The DMCC continues to support the Emirate of Dubai by strengthening its position as a global hub for the trade in synthetic diamonds and precious stones.

Dubai is strategically located at the crossroads of the global diamond trade with direct flights to major hard diamond hubs including Surat and Mumbai in India, Israel, Angola, South Africa, Russia and Belgium. Based on the impressive growth process recorded by the Dubai Diamond Exchange and the gains made by DMCC’s experiences and platforms for exchanging knowledge and initiatives, the Emirate has become a major hub for the diamond and precious stones trade. After the volume, especially the volume of the diamond trade increased from 13.2 billion dirhams ($ 3.6 billion dirhams) in 2003 to 84 billion dirhams ($ 23 billion) in 2019.

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