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Dubai is the global capital of the “digital economy” in 10 years


His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, launched the Dubai Economic Agenda D33 earlier this year.

The directive comes with an initiative to boost the added economic value of the digital transformation process that Dubai began several years ago, as one of the main goals of the emirate’s economic agenda for the next decade. Digital transformation to 100 billion dirhams annually during the period, in an effort to consolidate Dubai’s position as the capital of Dubai.The global digital economy.

Dubai began its digital transformation journey in 1999 with the establishment of Dubai Internet City, a free economic zone and a strategic base for technology companies targeting emerging markets. However, it has grown rapidly with the infrastructure it provides, a better environment and effective and more competitive services to attract the giants of technology makers and developers in the world.

The rich technology environment that Dubai founded 20 years ago has enabled it to start the process of digital transformation by partnering with the most important and efficient providers of technology solutions that support its directions in this environment.

Dubai has also been a pioneer in setting regulatory frameworks and laws that promote a secure and stable environment for digital transactions.

With the vision and guidance of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, development efforts aimed at accelerating the transition to a digital environment continued, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and the “Dubai Digital Strategy” Executive Committee, which is considered a pioneer in consolidating Dubai’s position as the world’s first digital city. Chairman.

The launch of the strategy is another step towards achieving economic development and financial prosperity through the implementation of digital transformation in strategic economic sectors, the most important of which are the logistics sector, renewable energy sector and trade sector, making these sectors achieve unprecedented levels. Progress is driving Dubai’s economy to its highest growth ever.

Digital development has continued to advance strongly and on multiple tracks in keeping with the rapid pace at which the world is moving towards a digital environment.

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, a few days ago, said the launch of the “Dubai Artificial Intelligence Center” is a qualitative strategic move.

The Center was launched with an aim to support government agencies in using future technology in a practical and effective manner to prepare for the upcoming radical changes in various key sectors.

His Highness, the Crown Prince of Dubai, has ordered the creation of task forces to use Artificial Intelligence (Generative AI) tools to improve the efficiency of government work and provide better government services based on future technologies.

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According to the International Monetary Fund, Dubai Customs is one of the world’s leading logistics companies in adopting modern technologies, transforming its operations into digital operations, developing its plans and automating customs procedures.

Dubai Customs created a breakthrough to complete fully automated operations such as “Mersal 2”, Smart Risk Engine, Advanced Container Inspection System, Smart Workplaces and Advance Disclosure and Economic Operator Program. Dubai Customs recorded an unprecedented record of clearing 22.5 million customs declarations last year.

The logistics services sector represented by Dubai Customs has moved towards building a cross-border e-commerce platform using blockchain technology.

The renewable energy sector in the UAE, and in particular Dubai, places great emphasis on securing sustainable energy and improving efficiency by providing advanced systems and technologies by the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030. The demand for energy sources is part of efforts aimed at making Dubai an example of efficient energy and water demand management.

According to a report released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in April 2020, the digital transformation of energy systems in any country contributes to broader economic and social development. In this context, Dubai launched a set of strategies, initiatives and plans to address clean energy for the future, including the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, which aims to make Dubai a city with the lowest carbon footprint by 2050 and provide 100% Energy production capacity in Dubai from clean energy sources in the same year.

Dubai is steadily moving towards achieving its goals in the field of digital transformation in the energy sector by adopting a program to link digital technologies with energy technologies implemented by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s “Digital DEWA”. It is the world’s first digital company working with autonomous systems for renewable energy, the use of artificial intelligence and storage and expansion to deliver digital services. Dubai ranks among the world’s top 20 destinations for foreign direct investment in the renewable energy sector.

The Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai is supporting the Emirate’s efforts to enhance operational efficiency and improve the quality of services provided to customers by leveraging digital transformation and the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. , as the platform is characterized by its high capacity to process data belonging to the authority, will be used for predictive maintenance of roads and for training innovative models that promote innovation and leadership in various sectors of the authority. Bridges, mass transit route planning and crowd management and others.

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The Authority also recently launched a comprehensive Digital Experience Lab for the first time at the level of Dubai government agencies and departments, with the aim of improving customer experience across digital channels. The lab contributes to raising the quality and design of services from the customers’ point of view, improving and integrating their experience through various digital channels and raising the rate of customer happiness.

Dubai has made great strides in digital transformation in the trade and commerce sector, relying on its ultra-stable digital infrastructure, which enables companies and institutions to rely on digital technology in their operations and systems, and to create procurement or digital solutions. Offer services through smart phone applications or e-commerce platforms. The development of cloud computing and reliance on smart sensors represented a new development by providing the commercial sector with modern tools to improve its efficiency and contribute to strengthening the economy in general. Technologies include smartphone apps for customers and operators, Internet of Things, cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and the use of bots. The Emirate of Dubai supports companies to strengthen its business sector by providing digital services to make it easier for business owners, investors and companies to establish and manage their business projects in the Emirate. Trade saw strong growth. A global destination for investment and the best choice for investors and entrepreneurs both domestically and globally. Dubai launched a digital platform for instant strategic communication between government leaders in Dubai, supporting faster decision-making by adopting the latest and most effective digital solutions and technologies. The platform is a smart application called “Hub Hub” developed by Dubai Digital Authority and represents a global model in adopting solutions that guarantee the highest speed and performance standards in the government work sector.

Artificial Intelligence Lab

Dubai Digital Authority was established in collaboration with IBM to provide an effective system in the government sector with the help of artificial intelligence, with the aim of improving the quality of life of citizens and residents. and improves visitor satisfaction.

The Artificial Intelligence Lab aims to provide the necessary strategic support and fundamental tools to make artificial intelligence an integral part of Dubai’s operations and operational systems, and to use innovative technology to explore new ways to develop future strategic plans. Empowering Dubai, leveraging artificial intelligence and helping entrepreneurs, emerging and small and medium enterprises.

The Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Institute for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Economy and Tourism Sector in Dubai has signed an agreement with Stallion, one of the leading companies in the field of artificial intelligence, to implement projects and initiatives. Aimed at developing entrepreneurs and talented youth in the field of artificial intelligence.

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Supporting startups.

Over the next 10 years, Dubai seeks to provide support to start-ups and small and medium enterprises, ensuring their complete digital transformation and encouraging them to automate their operations through programs and initiatives aimed at training and assisting entrepreneurs. One of the most important of these projects is the “Sandbox Dubai” Dubai Silicon Oasis, an area without integrated technology, to use new ideas and develop its tools to support digital transformation.

The Sandbox Dubai program is the first to support emerging projects in the technology sector in the Middle East and North Africa region, as it provides support to small and medium-sized enterprise owners to develop and manage ideas at their start-up stages. Until the early stages of initiation.

Digitizing life in Dubai

Dubai society’s trust in digital applications has become part of the daily lives of citizens, residents and visitors alike, reflecting the level of progress Dubai has made in spreading a culture of digital transformation, and everyone’s trust in easy, fast and high-quality applications. Services.

“Dubai Now” application is one of the most important applications in Dubai, due to its diversity and quality of additional services. It is in line with the digital orientation of the Government of Dubai, offering dozens of applications needed by users by providing a unified digital channel, as it offers 170 services provided by more than 35 companies from the government and private sectors.

The number of transactions completed through the “Dubai Now” application has reached more than 20 million digital payment transactions, worth more than 10 billion dirhams, since the launch of the application, including four million digital payment transactions, worth two billion dirhams in the last year.

“Dubai’s strategy for smart, self-driving mobility aims to make 25% of travel trips smart by 2030.”

“Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy aims to attract 300 digital startups to Dubai by end of 2024.”

“22.5 million customs declarations by 2022 through its automated operations is an important digital achievement for Dubai Customs.”

Invest in Dubai is the largest integrated digital platform that allows investors to obtain business licenses and start a business within minutes.

• “Digital DEWA” is the first company in the world to work with autonomous systems for renewable energy.


A billion dirhams per year… the target value of digital transformation in Dubai.

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