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Dubai is the world’s most important city in the world of metaphysics


According to the classification prepared by “The Smart City Journal”, a Spanish magazine specializing in research and data on cities, Dubai was considered the most important future city in the world of metawares and digital twinning. Along with Miami and Singapore, Dubai has been operating as a major regional and global hub for blockchain networks and technology for some years, the paper said.
The emirate recently announced an ambitious strategy in the virtual digital world “Metaverse” sector, which includes attracting 1,000 companies, businesses related to this world and creating more than 40,000 new jobs in this sector by 2030. Dubai has also introduced it recently. New business accelerators are trying to expand their business into the world of metawares, such as the “Cypher Capital” fund, at a time when investment funds are proliferating in the “Blockchain” industry. .
Last May, the Dubai Digital Asset Regulatory Authority became the world’s first government unit to enter the world of the Metaverse when it established its official headquarters in “The Sandbox,” a virtual world.
The move reflects the Dubai government’s belief that virtual assets are an integral part of the future digital economy, and confirms its desire to consolidate the emirate’s position as the world’s virtual assets capital.
Singapore ranked second on the magazine’s list; It was one of the first cities to embrace the digital twin when it launched the Digital Singapore program in 2014. Singapore is home to Visio Technologies, which has a large group of government clients in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN); Publishes its patented technology using satellite technology and artificial intelligence to create digital twins of cities on the Internet.
Seoul came in third; In 2021, Seoul’s mayor announced the launch of an ambitious project called Metaverse to take advantage of technologies used in the digital world to improve life in the city. By 2023, citizens will be able to meet government officials in the digital world, handle complaints and civil consultations, which are normally considered only by visiting government departments.
Shanghai ranked fourth on the magazine’s list, and by the end of 2021, the city announced a 5-year plan to use the world of metaphysics to fulfill public and private interests. The government recently announced its ambition to grow the value of the local metawares industry to $52 billion by 2025, while attracting 10 global leading companies and 100 new metawares companies to its local system.

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