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Dubai opens the world’s deepest swimming pool


Housing already The tallest skyscraper in the world As well as the world’s largest shopping center, Dubai Opens a new record-breaking attraction: the world’s deepest diving pool, CNN reports.

At a depth of 60 meters, it is part of the Deep Dive Dubai project and won the record at a depth of 45 meters in the Polish Deepspot. The size of the six million Olympic swimming pools – filled with 14 million liters of fresh water – is at least four times larger than any diving pool in the world. As a result, on June 27, the Guinness Book of World Records voted it the “deepest diving pool in the world.”

For now, the new facility is only open by invitation, but is expected to welcome the general public later this year. The country’s Crown Prince Hamdan Ben Mohammed Al-Maktoum, who was interested in diving, was one of the first visitors to the site and shared his experience on social networks.

A city under water

The swimming pool is located on an area of ​​1,500 meters2 In the form of an oyster, it refers to the history of the United Arab Emirates, experts in traditional pearl fishing. But the biggest star of the Deep Dive Dubai project is undoubtedly fake Abandoned underwater city, Divers can visit.

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Even submerged apartments or arcade games, they have a lot to do underwater. Different lighting and sound systems have been developed to create different atmospheres. Finally, Tourists Not to end their surprises: The swimming pool also serves as an underwater cinema studio, the largest in the region. For security, less than fifty-six cameras have been installed to monitor divers in every street corner of the city.

Jarrod Japlonski, director of Deep Dive Dubai, told CNN about the project. “There are a few diving pools in the world, but it is very interesting, He said proudly. Not only is it huge and deep, but the effect of the sunken city is also elevated to world standards. There’s a lot out there that you can’t call a swimming pool. ”

For families and friends who do not dive, the resort also has a restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows and TV screens.

If you forget how deep the pool was, Deep Dive reminds you not to visit the famous skyscraper building in Dubai by advising on its website. Burj Khalifa Following your visit to the submarine complex: “After diving, it is recommended to wait 18-24 hours to climb over 300 meters. On the other hand, there is no risk in diving after visiting the tallest building in the world.”

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