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Dubai presents a new campaign at the Future Museum signed by Shah Rukh Khan


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The Emirate of Dubai continues to attract visitors from all over the world, emphasizing that it is a global tourist destination popular for different cultures and does not spend time and effort in introducing it to the world. The “Dubai Presents” campaign, a global marketing campaign designed to integrate Dubai’s status with tourist destinations, picked up the title of “Creating a Future with Shaw” after learning that the main character in the new clip was simulated by the beloved Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan. Ruk Khan “.

During the last promotional film, the famous actor explored one of Dubai’s most famous and modern landmarks, the “Museum of the Future”, which is the first of its kind in the world and a new building in Dubai’s most series. The amazing wonders that have captured the attention of people and media around the world can be described as an experiential feeling that allows viewers to see and interact with the future.

Meanwhile, Issam Qasim, CEO of Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing, shared a video clip of the Indian star and his commentary on his Instagram account, which was more than an invitation to join Shah. Khan explored the mysteries of the future museum.

Returning to the latest campaign video, Shah Rukh Khan is shown taking the audience on a future journey, exploring the mysteries hidden within the future master, calling for immersion in the aesthetics of the future museum and the source of the real journey. The future begins.

During the filming, the Bollywood star revealed that every time he shoots a trailer for Dubai, he discovers many new places, and “Dubai amazes me because it is always a city of innovation and a beacon of tomorrow. By opening the Museum of the Future, Dubai strengthened a city,” It reminds us of unlimited opportunities in the future and that is why I want to visit it, ”said Shah Rukh Khan.

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Thousands of viewers reacted positively, especially on the “YouTube” site, to the echo of the latest campaign of “Dubai Progress”, one of whom commented at the bottom of the video: “A better man promotes a better country, while another points out that he can do it now.” Understand the value, because involving Shah Rukh Khan in a promotional film is not an easy task, “he said.


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