June 6, 2023

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Dubai Roads begins implementation of Phase II expansion of Smart Pedestrian Signaling Project

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai has announced the start of the second phase of the Smart Pedestrian Signals Project expansion across the Emirate of Dubai, covering 10 new sites and rising to 28 sites by early 2024. The second phase of the project comes after the positive results of the first phase of installing signals.Smart Pedestrians at several key areas and locations in the Emirate of Dubai. The authority asserts that the project’s expansion documents the interest in using the latest smart technologies and the Internet of Things in smooth traffic management, as well as raising the level of safety for pedestrians and vehicle owners, contributing to Dubai’s ambitious vision. A leader in smart cities and better transport in terms of systems.

In the same context, Mohammed Al Ali, Director of the Intelligent Traffic Systems Department of the Roads and Transport Authority’s Transport and Roads Agency, said: “Smart pedestrian signal technology works through a system that relies on sensors attached to ground lights. The system on the sidewalks on both sides of the crossing, pedestrians on the sidewalk, which is consistent with the light of the signals. It studies the movement of pedestrians on the sidewalks before and after the crossing period, which primarily contributes to raising the level. In addition to the safety of pedestrians, the ability to operate a traffic light and better manage its time.”

Al Ali added: “This project has proven to be effective in raising the level of traffic safety and providing enough time for pedestrians who need more time to cross, as well as the elderly, people with special needs, children and baggage carriers.” The results show that no pedestrian accidents have occurred since the installation of smart pedestrian signals, which confirms the project’s effectiveness in raising the level of traffic safety at intersections. In vehicular movement as a result of cancellation of pavement condition at all junctions, there is no pedestrian on the pavements, saving more time for vehicles.

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Al Ali explained that the locations to deploy the smart pedestrian signal are selected according to various criteria and in coordination with the authority’s strategic partners. These points determine pedestrian accidents at the signal, and street classification (the specified speed and number of lanes in each direction), the locations of pedestrian bridges and their distances, and the design of roads. Feasibility and Feasibility of Installing Smart Pedestrian Signal.