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Due to “kisses” .. Hassan Youssef sets a condition to release a statement


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June 19 2022 1:15 GMT

Updated: June 19 2022 4:40 GMT

The Egyptian artist Hassan Youssef imposed a condition on journalists who wanted to receive press reports from him that the journalist should send a picture of the syndicate card, confirming that he was a journalist.

Source: Ahmed Byomi_Erm News

Hassan Youssef, an Egyptian artist, imposed a condition on journalists who wanted to receive press releases from him, namely that the journalist should send a photo of the syndicate cover to confirm that he was a journalist, following the recent crisis. His report on kisses in cinema.

The artist, Hassan Youssef, has sparked controversy by claiming that kissing in old films in which he participated is insensitive and that they then “rinse their mouths” so it is not considered forbidden.

Hassan Youssef said in a telephone interview with Hadrat al-Citizen on Egyptian “Al-Hadat Al-Yum” screenplay presented by journalist Saeed Ali: “There are young people talking to me. I’m from such a site (the names of the weird sites are like that) and I’m honest and sick so he sees what he’s talking to me about and wants to see. Do it with the press. “

Yusuf continued: “Even if someone is in contact with journalists, he takes the speech and writes in his view without understanding it. After the crisis that erupted against me recently. After the kisses were announced.

He continued: “People who have nothing to do with the press are talking. They ask us, I do not know where they answer our phones, we believe, they have been asking about the needs for a long time. Distorts it according to behavior and mood.

Artist Hassan Youssef said he had no regrets about any work he had done in his career and that his career was as pure as a blank slate.

The Egyptian artist added: “My art life is as pure as the white side because I worked in beautiful times and kisses in our days have no taste and no feelings.

Yusuf pointed out that audiences are still clinging to old works: “People are blind and watch black and white films. I have a friend in Denmark who told me that he only sleeps every night watching black and white films. The movie. “

He explained the rule of art: “Every action endures a shortage like a glass of water. It is possible to serve tea or wine in a cup.”

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