January 29, 2023

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Eastern Region is preparing for the weather with machinery and equipment

Eastern Region is preparing for the weather with machinery and equipment

Municipalities in the Eastern Region, represented by Sharjah-affiliated Ghorfaqan, Kalba and Tipbah Al-Hisn Municipality, and Fujairah and Tipbah Al-Fujairah Municipalities, have completed plans to deal with the expected wind stress. Coordination and cooperation between all parties to provide the necessary services to the community to provide security of life and property to all its residents.

Local authorities in the Eastern Region prioritize the protection of people, property, infrastructure, facilities and services and require full preparedness for all eventualities, noting raising the ability to respond quickly to the interactions of community members in emergency situations. To significantly reduce the effects of sudden and severe weather conditions and to use technical, material and specialized human resources as possible to curb the effects of weather fluctuations.

It indicated that it has taken preventive measures by preparing special teams and providing necessary equipment, pumps and skills to enhance their preparedness and preparedness to face possible consequences due to weather in the eastern region. Its volume and its distribution in areas that catch large amounts of rainwater, especially residential areas and major streets.

For its part, the Kalpa City Municipality held a coordination meeting of the authorities involved in dealing with weather conditions in the city, to review the preparedness plan and developments and the need to take preventive measures in the coming weather situation. Minimize the consequences and preparedness of workgroups.

In the coordination meeting, Deputy Chairman of Kalba Municipality Salem Muhammad Al Kindi, Kalba Municipality Director Engr. Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al Naqbi, Head of Kalba Comprehensive Police Station, Head of Management Committee and others were present. For emergencies and crises in the city, Lt. Col. Dr. Walid Khamis Al Yamahi and representatives of relevant government agencies.

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Fujairah Police affirmed that continuous monitoring of weather conditions helps identify weather and turbulent atmosphere, and provides a form of safety and security to drivers and road users in taking preventive measures.

For its part, the Fujairah Civil Defense emphasized the need to be aware of the risks of weather fluctuations and rains that could cause fire, drowning, conflict and degradation incidents. Natural waterways, and there is no danger of crossing ravines during their course. He also called for cooperation with civil defense and government agencies and immediate reporting of incidents by calling 999 or 997.

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