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Eating too much of it can cause disease, while eating it in moderation is good for humans. “This food is a double-edged sword.” what is that?!


A nutritionist talked about the surprise that awaits everyone who eats stuffed meat in his diet, and he explained this during an interview with him on the DMC screen:

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Stuffed meat is one of the foods that strengthen the immune system, because it contains rice, cabbage or eggplant, and all these types are rich in a high percentage of vitamins and minerals that the body needs.“.

Cabbage is rich in vitamin D, which is one of the vitamins needed by the immune system, and stuffed cabbage contains potassium and selenium, which are found in dark green vegetables.

“Eggplant is rich in iron and zinc, and zucchini helps cleanse the digestive system and enriches the stomach with beneficial bacteria,” notes: “Adding parsley and cilantro to the stuffed stuffing helps increase the nutritional value of this dish.”

“Adding piping soup to stuffed meat increases its nutritional value and increases its health benefits because piping soup is rich in vitamins and minerals.”

“Stuffed meat is an important and beneficial food for the body, but consuming it in large quantities is harmful to health and causes weight gain and digestive system disorders.”

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