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Egypt News Today – Cairo: At the beginning and end of the third episode of Moon Night, an Egyptian DJ sings the song “Bidunis Beck”.


Today’s Most Important and Recent News in Egypt: Saturday, April 16, 2022
Details of the news: Egypt Today News – Cairo: Egyptian DJ on the song “Tunis Beck” on the headlines of the beginning and end of the third episode of Moon Night.

Today’s important news | In the latest episodes of the international series Moon Night, music arranger DJ. Capo participated, with the song “Bottonis Peak”, which set the tempo at the beginning of the third episode, which is currently being shown on the Disney World platform.

Kabo caught the attention of social media pioneers by redistributing the wonderful “Bidunis Bay” rose in a different musical format, and it was chosen to show at the beginning of the new episode of the “Fars Al Qamar” series. It was shown in the final scenes of the same episode that was recently released and saw the lightning participation of Egyptian actor Ahmed Dash, which is Kabo’s second appearance in the series, as he “redistributed the Nightingale song and participated in the first episode.”

Capo made his mark in the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe series with songs from Nightingale and Wardha’s Beautiful Period, an art and dramatic leap unfamiliar to Egyptian creativity as it was the first Marvel series to be directed by an Egyptian. In addition to the position of director, Mohamed Diab, Egyptian musician Hisham Nazi, for his soundtrack, the songs also topped the official Marvel singles rankings on Spotify.

The hero of the series “Moon Night” revolves around Mark Specter, played by Oscar Isaac, a former U.S. Navy officer suffering from separatist identity disorder, who accidentally duplicates him by the supernatural powers of the moon god “Gonzo” in ancient Egypt. The life of a superhero between illusion and reality, in the form of a moon knight confronting evil forces, and the series explores ancient Egyptian culture in depth, and features a prominent Egyptian cultural character in its shooting, music and music. The background to the superhero was what prompted Marvel to hire Egyptian director Mohamed Diab.

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Mohammed Soror, also known as DJ Capo, has been an Egyptian music distributor in Dubai for 12 years. He began his journey as a DJ at parties and evenings until he created his own musical color under the name “Arab Trap” in his music world. , And released his first album of the same name, which was a selection of two songs from the Marvel series, and Kabo gained widespread artistic fame in the Gulf until he became the official DJ for concerts of major international stars. Rihanna, Drake and star Mohammed Ramadan.

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