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Egypt: Renaissance Dam negotiations are over, we reserve the right to protect our water security


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Egypt announced the end of the fourth and final round of Renaissance Dam talks between Sudan and Ethiopia, saying it “reserves its right to protect its waters and national security if exposed.” Harm,” after the three countries failed to reach an agreement.

Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia have been in marathon talks for more than a decade without reaching an agreement sought by the two downstream countries from Addis Ababa on the rules for operating and filling the largest dam on the African continent.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation on Tuesday said: The meeting did not yield any results as the same Ethiopian position of refusing to accept any compromise technical and legal solutions to protect interests continued in the past years. The three countries, and Ethiopia’s persistence in abandoning the understandings reached.

The statement added: “The Ethiopian side is determined to take advantage of the negotiations to maintain the status quo on the ground and negotiate with the objective of extracting the instrument of ratification of the two subordinate countries in full Ethiopian. Control of the Blue Nile isolated from international law.”

The statement indicated that “in light of these Ethiopian positions, the negotiations have ended,” and that Egypt “will closely monitor the process of filling and operating the Renaissance Dam, and Egypt reserves its right to protect under international conventions. It will be exposed when its water and national security are harmed.”

In February 2020, the Renaissance Dam officially began generating electricity and has been refilled four times, amid condemnation from Egypt and Sudan, and “incontinence” that Ethiopia denies.

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