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Elegant Home Curtains Ideas

Elegant Home Curtains Ideas
Fashion is very changeable, but every modern mistress of the house wants to have an original and stylish interior. Keep reading this article to find out the novelties and latest trends in fashion of curtains in Dubai.

Whatever the room’s intended purpose is, almost every space in a house has windows that require decoration. The most affordable and attractive decor option is drapes, curtains and tulle.

There are objective principles of geometric harmony and color combinations, but still, in choosing interior solutions, everyone is guided by their own taste.

Eternal Classics and Its Modern Interpretations
Many people think that the most beautiful window treatment for the living room is classic curtains. Luxurious fabrics, graceful folds, magnificent lambrequins, exquisite tiebacks, flowing jabots!.. We can’t help but agree.

If you tell the designer that you want to decorate the window in a classic style, he will definitely clarify what exactly you mean. After all, the classics are surprisingly many-sided! It implies straight curtains, luxurious lambrequins, and graceful waves of French curtains. Classics can be strict, lush, romantic…

Voguish Curtain Ideas for the Living Room
Window treatment for a living room in a classic style is associated with the palatial splendor of baroque and rococo. Historically, they are opposed to more strict classicism and its continuation — Empire.

The current classic is eclectic. Rather, we are talking about general aesthetic principles based on historical heritage. Therefore, when considering the window treatment design for the living room, don’t be afraid to experiment!

From Art Deco to Hi-Tech
Classics are usually contrasted with modern curtain styles that have a more concise aesthetic: minimalism, hi-tech, eco-style. Each of them has its own characteristics.

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In minimalism, the style of curtains is as simple as possible, and the choice of color palette is usually limited to white, red and black.
Hi-tech is prone to silvery shades.
The ideas of eco-style living room curtains demonstrate that green and brown shades dominate in its palette, and among the fabrics there are quite unusual ones: hopsack, canvas, bamboo.
Beautiful window coverings for the living room will offer a magnificent art deco — a style that is sometimes referred to as a classic, but standing apart. It is characterized by luxurious eclecticism, interspersed with exotic notes and a craving for valuable colonial materials: for example, expensive wood and ivory. Designer curtains for the art deco living room are both strict and chic at the same time. The characteristic colors for such curtains are ivory, golden beige, silver, graphite, hematite and plain black.
Ethnic styles give a lot of ideas. When choosing fashionable curtains for the living room, pay attention to the charm of the Moorish style or the sophisticated beauty of the Japanese.
Country-style window treatment will help create a cozy homely atmosphere.
Graceful tenderness literally sounds in light curtains in the Provence style, decorated with light floral prints.
You may be attracted by the Mediterranean style, and your windows will be decorated with airy white coverings, reminiscent of sails in the Mediterranean.

The choice of window treatments for your home is not limited to the listed styles. One thing is absolutely clear: beautiful drapes and sheer curtains can be created in absolutely any style, if you approach the matter professionally and with taste!

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