March 30, 2023

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Elham Shaheen and his daughter-in-law perform Umrah. Pictures

Written by Ihab Mohammed

Sunday, March 19, 2023 at 02:11 PM

The artist attended Elham Shaheen His fans and followers showed pictures of him performing the Umrah ritual with his sister’s daughter Ilham Safi Al-Din on the “Instagram” website, and pictures from inside the Grand Mosque in Mecca were enjoyed by his fans. .

Suspended Elham Shaheen In the photos she posted on her Instagram account of her and her sister’s son: “Saudi Arabia, Makkah Al-Mukharramah,” and the artist appeared in full veil, next to her was Elham Al Saghira.

On the other hand, the artist, Ilham Shaheen, had revealed the death of the young artist’s grandmother, his sister’s daughter, Ilham Safi El-Din, and wrote on his Facebook account: “Our heartfelt condolences on the death of the artist Elham Safi El-Din’s grandmother Mrs. Nazmia. My dear brother, Saeed Adnan. Mother of Safi al-Din.

And she continued: “My heart is with you, I pray that you will be patient in the pain of separation and stay for God, God have mercy on her, let her rest in Paradise, Lord, we always remember. Her with all the best.”

Son of Elham Shaheen and his sister

Son of Elham Shaheen and his sister

It is noteworthy that Ilham Safi El-Din recently participated in the film “My Friend”, which won the best short film at the 44th session of the Cairo International Film Festival, and in the “Ninth” program, he and the team said that the story of the film talks about women and men, the characteristics of men and women, and to change roles between women and men. Explaining whether it is possible, the director of the work, Gauthar Younes, wrote the film..

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Ilham Safi El-Din added during the show that the film’s story is a fictional idea if the roles society imposes on men and women change, because the man has the responsibility and cannot find him. Crying, while a girl who doesn’t move without her family’s permission, follow-up: I feel that my mother is the closest person in the world to me..