February 8, 2023

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Elham Shaheen on his feud with Kata Ibrahim at Samir Sabri's funeral: "Who is this ?!"

Elham Shaheen on his feud with Kata Ibrahim at Samir Sabri’s funeral: “Who is this ?!”

Egyptian artist Elham Shaheen reveals details of his feud with artist Kata Ibrahim at the funeral of the late artist Samir Sabri.

Artist Kata Ibrahim collapsed during the funeral of the late artist Samir Sabri and was prevented from boarding the artist’s bus during the funeral after he went to his final resting place in the family cemetery in Alexandria, he said: “I’m coming to the bus. .. These people do not know our Lord, God is sufficient for me, and He is the best agent.

Qada Ibrahim did not mention the names of the two men who prevented him from boarding the bus, but was satisfied that he was Ilham bint Afaf, while Egyptian sites reported a dispute between artist Qada Ibrahim and artist Ilham Shaheen. Media, Bossy Shalabi.

Artist Elham Shaheen commented on the news: “She’s talking about a bus, I do not know what to say … I did not go on the bus, I did not see it, I did not see someone’s name is Kata De.”

Elham Shaheen added: “They named me inappropriately and he says he had a dispute with a journalist, but I do not fully know, after that, I did not stop burying anyone.

Samir Sabri passed away on Friday morning at the age of 86, and his funeral was attended by numerous artists and media professionals including Nadia El-Genti, Ilham Shaheen, Bose Shalabi, Yusra, Laila LV, Hanadi Muhanna. Her husband is Ahmed Khalid Saleh and captain of the acting industry. Ashraf Jackie, Ahmed El-Sakka, Lika Sweden, Honey Ramsey and other artists.

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