May 25, 2022

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Elon Musk challenges Putin to a fight

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Billionaire Elon Musk today challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin to fight with him in a “man-to-man war” against Ukraine, which has been under attack by the Russian military for nearly three weeks..

“I challenge Vladimir Putin to fight man-to-man fighting over Ukraine,” the founder of SpaceX, known for his eccentricity, wrote on Twitter without specifying what form the fight would take..

Addressing the Kremlin’s official Twitter account, he wrote in another message in Russian, “Do you accept this fight?”

In response to a comment from a user who did not understand the call, Elon Musk insisted that he was “absolutely serious”.

The South African-born millionaire supported Kiev shortly after the start of the Russian military operation, and earlier this month tweeted, “Hold on, Ukraine,” sending a message of friendship to the “big Russian people who do not want war.”.

He also responded to a request from a Ukrainian official for help by activating the satellite Internet service “Starlink” in Ukraine and sending equipment there to provide Internet service to areas under Russian military attack..

The millionaire sparked controversy on Twitter, where his account has more than 77 million followers..

In February, Musk accused the stock market supervisory authority of trying to silence his freedom of expression by imposing sanctions on him in previous years.


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