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Elon Musk reveals location of wrestling match with Mark Zuckerberg outside US


Elon Musk announced on Friday that a possible “fight” he had with Mark Zuckerberg, the head of the “Meta” network, could take place in Italy, while the Italian government “confirmed that there are talks about a charity event . . .”

At the end of June, the leaders of rival giants “X” (formerly Twitter) and “Meta” discussed the possibility of facing them in a videotaped fight in mixed martial arts (MMA), which had been in talks for a few days. August 26 is the probable date for this clash.

Elon Musk wrote on his X platform, “Everything within the range of the camera looks like it happened in ancient Roman times, so there’s nothing modern about it.”

He noted that the two competing networks will be “fighting.”

Musk added, “I spoke to the Italian Prime Minister and the Minister of Culture. They gave their consent (to host the show) in an exceptional location,” restricting the use of the word “wrestler” in a second message.

For his part, Italian Culture Minister Gennaro Sangiollano is in discussions with Elon Musk about organizing a “major charity event that will evoke history,” according to a statement released Friday.

As Elon Musk noted in late June, he ruled out the possibility of a fight at the Colosseum, pointing out that the potential event “would not be organized in Rome.”

The minister added that money raised by the event, estimated at “millions of euros”, would be donated to two Italian children’s hospitals, expressing his hope to seize the opportunity to “enhance our history”.

“Everything will reflect an appreciation for Italy, past and present,” Elon Musk said on stage last year when he bought it for $44 billion.

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The two tech giants have clashed for years over their opposing views on the world, from politics to artificial intelligence. But earlier last month, the conflict between Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp owner Mark Zuckerberg and his “Meta” group, the “Threads” application, was seen as a direct competitor to Twitter. As X

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