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Rotting corpses litter the streets of Khartoum…and warnings of the worst



Rotting corpses litter the streets of Khartoum…and warnings of the worst

It was a funeral that no one had imagined. The body of Abbas’s friend was hurriedly dumped in an unmarked grave dug in the Sudanese capital Khartoum in the early hours of the morning.

According to Awwad al-Zubayr, a neighbor of the deceased, a limited number of family members and neighbors were able to attend the burial, which was distributed throughout the cemetery to warn of the impending fire.

Fortunately, no one came to distract the mourners.

Almost four months after violent clashes erupted between the Sudanese army and Rapid Support Forces, funerals have become almost impossible. Amid the chaos, residents and local medical teams say bodies are lying in the streets as they begin to decompose, surrounded by fighting that seems to have no end in sight.

“Given the circumstances, if you ask me where his body was buried, I cannot answer,” says Zubair.

There is limited data on the number of casualties from the conflict in Sudan, and Health Minister Haitham Mohamed Ibrahim said in June that more than three thousand people had died in the clashes, but the number has not been updated since then and is expected to be higher.

In the same way, no medical group has provided a record of the number of unburied bodies, especially in the Darfur region in the south of the country where mass graves and killings of ethnic groups have been discovered.

Most civilians in the capital were killed in the gunfight, which turned the sleepy city into a war zone, the Sudan Doctors Syndicate said. Others died without access to basic medicines, and some were said to have starved to death due to gunfire that prevented them from going out to get food.

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In peaceful times, such funerals can last for several days. In Sudan, thousands of people come to pay their respects, and prayers are said before the dead are washed according to Islamic law and buried in graves dug by their family members. .

Seven former and current residents of Khartoum told The Associated Press that the conflict between army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and the commander of the Rapid Support Forces, known as “Hemeti,” Mohamed Hamdan Tagalo, has ended. The three speakers spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation.

Many speakers pointed out that when they wanted to bury their family members, friends or besieged, it had become impossible to access any of the capital’s 24 cemeteries.

More than 100 students were suspended when clashes erupted at the University of Khartoum on April 15, when student Khaled was shot in the chest and died a short time later, his colleague told the agency. .

“We dragged his body to the lower floors (of the building) to prevent its decomposition,” he said, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of being targeted.

The conflict has led to the displacement of millions of Sudanese

He and others then wrapped Khalid’s body in a makeshift Islamic cloth and buried it under a tree on the university campus after obtaining his family’s consent.

Kasin Amin Oshi, a resident of Omdurman’s Beit al-Mal district, across the Nile from Khartoum, said RSF prevented a family from burying a family member in a nearby cemetery. Instead, the girl died of natural causes and was buried in the school grounds.

Most residents say the RSF controls large areas of the city, often causing unrest. In the early days of the conflict, the army bombed RSF camps in the capital, prompting displaced RSF fighters to seize civilian homes and turn them into bases. The army bombarded residential areas from the air and artillery. According to United Nations data, more than 2.15 million people have fled Khartoum state.

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Al-Zubair discovered that his neighbor, Abbas, had been shot dead after the RSF raided his home, and that one of his brothers was an army officer and the other an intelligence officer. After Abbas’ body was taken to the hospital, RSF initially prevented the burial without giving any reason, but eventually agreed after the family’s plea.

Zubair said most people are too scared or unaware of the funeral on June 30 to attend. The country has been plagued by power outages and internet blackouts since the outbreak of conflict.

Youssef Essad, a spokesman for the Rapid Support Forces, told The Associated Press that the command had not issued an order to stop the burial of civilians, and that any halt would be because of heavy fighting nearby.

In contrast, residents described paramilitary forces as mostly lawless, out of boredom and amusement. But, they said, sometimes good deeds happen.

A resident of southern Khartoum confirmed that despite looting in his uncle’s neighborhood, a group of RSF fighters suddenly offered to move and bury him after his uncle died of natural causes in July.

Since June, the Sudanese Red Cross has been collecting bodies and burying them around the capital. The organization said it recovered and buried at least 102 bodies, most of them unidentified fighters from both sides, as a result of a brief lull in the fighting. A Red Crescent worker said the collected bodies were photographed and given an identification number.

Warn of water contamination by rotting corpses and spread of diseases during floods

And the international organization “Save the Children” confirmed that thousands will remain unburied in the capital, with many war-torn areas inaccessible.

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Last month, a community group from Bahri district, north of the capital, called on medical teams to collect the bodies of some 500 RSF fighters decomposing on the roads.

In southern Khartoum, an Associated Press journalist counted at least 26 bodies, mostly civilians and RSF fighters, lying in the streets in recent weeks.

He said a body had been decomposed in the open with bones visible near al-Zubayr’s apartment in Khartoum’s al-Sahafa district.

Unidentified bodies are usually taken to morgues. Dr. Attia Abdullah Attia, head of the Sudan Medical Association, said at least four facilities in the capital have been abandoned due to the fighting, while only five of the 20 hospitals in the city are functioning.

As the rainy season begins in Sudan, international organizations and rights groups fear more deaths and damage to infrastructure after last year’s floods killed dozens of people.

Decaying carcasses can contribute to the pollution of water sources.

Out of desperation, “many now drink from wells or from the Nile,” said al-Sadiq al-Noor, head of the International Islamic Relief Organization for Sudan.

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An American family is suing Google for “negligence”.



An American family is suing Google for “negligence”.

The family of a North Carolina man who died after driving a car on a collapsed bridge while he was following Google Maps directions wants to sue the giant for negligence and says the company was notified of the bridge’s collapse. But it doesn’t improve its navigation system.

Phillip Paxson, a sales representative and father of two daughters, drowned after his car plunged into Snow Creek in the Hickory area on Sept. 30, 2022, according to a family lawsuit filed Tuesday in Wake County Superior Court.

Paxon was returning home from his daughter’s ninth birthday party when Google Maps told him to cross a bridge that collapsed nine years ago and has not been repaired to this day.

For his part, his wife, Alicia Paxson, said in a press release, “Our two daughters ask how and why their father died, and I don’t know what to answer to make them understand, because as an adult I haven’t yet. Knowing how to understand who is responsible for underestimating the directions of the global navigation system and the bridge to human life.

State police officials who found Paxon’s body in his semi-submerged car said there were no barricades or warning signs on the flooded road.

The bridge is not maintained by local or state officials, and the development company that originally built it has gone out of business, the State Patrol said.

The lawsuit names several private property management companies responsible for the bridge and adjacent land.

In the years before Paxon’s death, several people reported the bridge collapse to Google Maps and urged the company to update the route information, the suit said.

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Emirates News Agency – Guterres to chair “Climate Ambition” summit in New York



Emirates News Agency – Guterres to chair “Climate Ambition” summit in New York

New York, September 20 / WAM / United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres today chaired the “Climate Ambition” summit, which was held for a day at the headquarters of the international organization in New York. General Assembly.

In a statement at the start of the summit, Guterres noted that the summit’s work focuses on the urgent task of accelerating climate action in light of rising global temperatures.

The path forward for the international community is clear, he stressed, moving towards curbing the rise in global temperatures and creating a world where clean air, green jobs and clean and affordable energy are enjoyed by all.

He stressed the importance of the proposed Climate Unity Charter, which calls for major countries to make more efforts to reduce emissions, and rich countries to support emerging economies to do so.

The UN Secretary-General urged countries to implement a fair and equitable energy transition, with affordable electricity for all, by ensuring credible plans to phase out coal by 2030 for OECD countries and the rest of the world by 2040.

He explained that the world needs a change to rebuild trust, calling on governments to push the global financial system in favor of climate action. He said, “This means putting a price on carbon and reforming the business models adopted by multilateral development banks. They can benefit from higher levels of financing.” At a reasonable cost to private and developing countries.

Antonio Guterres called on all parties to implement the Loss and Damage Fund at the twenty-eighth United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in the United Arab Emirates at the end of November. He called on developed countries to meet their $100 billion debt. Complement the resources of the Green Climate Fund, and double adaptation financing. He emphasized that everyone should have an early warning system by 2027, implementing the action plan launched last year.

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Noting that his agenda for accelerating climate action calls for business and financial institutions to embark on a truly net-zero path, he explained that every company with a genuine interest in business must develop reasonable transition plans that work to credibly reduce emissions and achieve climate justice.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations has expressed his desire that the “Climate Ambition” summit will be pushed to a strong moment that will contribute to building momentum for the process of increasing the speed of climate action that will be built in the coming months. , in order to contribute to increasing the pace of climate action.

WAM Correspondent – USA

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Emirates News Agency – “Dubai Entrepreneurship Training Program” welcomes new batch of future leaders



Emirates News Agency – “Dubai Entrepreneurship Training Program” welcomes new batch of future leaders

Dubai, 20 September / WAM / The Dubai Entrepreneurship Training Programme, a prestigious program to train graduates in management, is under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. “May God Protect Him” ​​declared 28 fellows from 20 different countries during its ninth session for a period of nine months, preparing them to transition and enter the world of corporate consulting.

The program receives graduates from all over the world, such as Austria, Colombia, Kazakhstan and Zimbabwe. The fully funded program offers ambitious graduates a unique opportunity for practical work and hone their skills as future global leaders.

The Dubai Entrepreneurship Training Program explained that the process of selecting members of the program is subject to certain criteria, specifically the receipt of over 12,500 applications and an acceptance rate of 0.22%.

Mohammed Ibrahim Al Shaibani, Director General of the High Court of the Ruler of Dubai, expressed his support for the members elected this year, pointing out that the program has become the first in the world to involve thousands of people. The applications submitted confirm Dubai’s position as a major hub for talent from around the world.

The program is offered in collaboration with PwC Academy, Middle East, Pan Education and Kapadev; It relies on a wide range of skills to train partners in strategy, work and leadership to grow and thrive in business sector and global strategies.

Those associated with the program gain hands-on experience at top companies and institutions in Dubai, and participate in academic study modules delivered by experts and professionals at the Dubai Digital Authority, and develop their work skills globally. Emirates Group, Dubai International Financial Center and Emirates Literary Foundation.

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Mustafa Badr el-Din/Mohammed Jaballa

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