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Emirates Airlines first recycles the A380


  • Removal of 190 tons of metals, plastics and carbon fibers
  • Implementing the entire project in the United Arab Emirates for the first time
  • Reset engines, landing gear and controls
  • Turn booth elements into souvenirs for sale
  • A portion of the profits goes to the Trust Carrier Trust

Dubai: “Gulf”

Emirates Airlines on Monday announced a unique initiative at the global industry level by signing a deal with Falcon Aircraft Recycling. The UAE-based company will recycle the first A380 aircraft retired from service in the Emirates Navy, which will greatly reduce the environmental impact of the disposal process and significantly reduce the amount of waste going to land areas. The comprehensive process of recycling and use will take place within the country, minimizing the environmental impact of the project.
Retired aircraft are usually transported to distant locations and disintegrate after removal of certain components. Conventional recycling programs focus only on recovering lucrative components, while the bulk of the aircraft is dumped in landfills or ignored indefinitely. Many components, such as fire retardant fabrics and compounds, can be difficult to recycle or dispose of.
Buying souvenirs

Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airlines, said: “The implementation of all recycling and recycling operations in the United Arab Emirates demonstrates the strength of the aviation environment and the capabilities that the country has developed over its short history. Under this initiative, our customers and fans can carry aviation history memorabilia in their homes, store valuable elements from the landscape and contribute to the charity through the Emirates Airline Foundation. This is a stylish and comfortable leisure solution for this iconic aircraft that is the jewel of our navy. We are pleased to partner with Falcon Air Recycling on this kind of first project.

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“This is our most ambitious project to date and the first A380 to be downgraded outside of Europe,” said Andrew Tonks, director of Balkan Airline Recycling. This includes removing about 190 tons of metals, plastics, carbon fiber compounds and other materials from the aircraft and transporting them for recycling or reuse through our Wingscraft Recycling Program. The project will be implemented throughout the United Arab Emirates and will ensure that most parts of the aircraft have a second life. We are proud to have won this agreement, which reaffirms Emirates’ confidence in the world-class capabilities available in the country, and our teams are currently working on the details and final feedback for the first batch of unique recycled products. We look forward to hearing more about the products for sale soon. ”
The first Emirates A380 (A6-EDA) was taken out of service after its final voyage and transferred to the Engineering Center, where Emirates engineers restored serviceable components such as engines, landing gear and aircraft controls. The aircraft was then deregistered and handed over to the Falcon Recycling Team to begin removal work.
Emirates Airlines Foundation

Falcon, in partnership with Wings Craft, another UAE-based aerospace furniture and goods manufacturer, will design and manufacture unique collections and retail items from aircraft and parts for sale in the coming months. .
A portion of the profits from the sale of all recycled and recycled products will be allocated to the Emirates Airline Foundation from the Emirates A380 to the redundant A380.
The Emirates Airline Foundation operates under the auspices of Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and CEO of Emirates Airlines and Group. The Foundation currently supports 14 projects in 9 countries, helping to improve the lives of children in need around the world, regardless of geographical, political or religious boundaries.

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Emirates’ first A380, operating under the Registration Code (A6-EDA), has retired after registering a record number of service within the airline’s fleet.
Flight Receipt: From the Airbus facility in Hamburg on July 28, 2008
The plane’s first commercial flight: Dubai / New York JFK on August 1, 2008
Last commercial flight: Singapore / Dubai on March 8, 2020
– Total number of aircraft: 6,319 aircraft
– Number of airports where the aircraft worked: 62 airports

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