May 28, 2023

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“Emirates Education” reduced the number of classes for students in Ramadan

The guide for designing the school day during the holy month of Ramadan, recently adopted by the Emirates Foundation for School Education, states that five parts of the basic quorum for weekly classes have been reduced and one part has been reduced in activity materials. It became self-learning with a total of 31 weekly classes.

The Emirates Education Foundation has set official working hours in public schools during Ramadan, and they will be implemented from April 17.

During Ramadan, the working hours of students and teachers will be limited to three days from Monday to Wednesday, with a shift system for administrative staff being used on Fridays.

The schools use flexible working hours for the second and third cycles so that the hours start at nine in the morning and end at 1 and 45 minutes for male schools, which start at 9 and 45 minutes and end at two thirty. Girls’ schools, seven classes, lasting four hours and 45 minutes.

Flexible working hours are used for students after the approval of domain managers, taking into account schools that share bus routes and lines, with the need to have substitutes available in the morning to ensure the safety of student attendance. .

Based on the Guide to Designing the School Day for Ramadan, the total weekly hours for teachers and administrative staff is 25 hours for all sessions. The number of official hours for educational administrative staff is five and a half hours, Monday to Wednesday, from nine to two. The duration of each class is 35 minutes, with two breaks per day, each of five minutes. On Friday, the working hours of administrative staff will be from 9 AM to 12 PM.

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25 hours for all chapters, total weekly hours for faculty and administrative staff.