June 6, 2023

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The Secretariat of the Council of Senior Scholars in Saudi Arabia said on Monday that the call to establish a new school of Islamic jurisprudence “lacks objectivity and reality”, the official news agency reported.SPA“.

The Council of Saudi Senior Scholars is a governmental Islamic religious organization established in 1971 AD. It consisted of a limited group of prominent religious scholars from various schools of jurisprudence. It is authorized to issue fatwas and express its views on many matters.

The commission said in its report: Islamic jurisprudence, with its considered schools of jurisprudence and its various jurisprudence, responds to all the demands of modern life, and reconciles its needs with Islamic law, as proved by scientific bodies and jurisprudence councils. Practice collective judgment.

He added: “One of God’s blessings for Muslims at this time – facilitating joint efforts through these organizations and academies, which positively communicates the needs of the community and its intellectual, social and economic developments and hundreds of published results. These synodal institutions in various fields are a clear proof of that. “

A well-known Saudi preacher, Saleh Al-Maghamisi, has sparked controversy on social media and posted the most popular hashtags on Twitter in the kingdom, when he spoke about the need to establish a new Islamic judiciary.

Al-Maqamisi’s statement came on the “That With Sami Al-Jaber” program aired on the Saudi channel and hosted by former soccer star Sami Al-Jaber.

“Islamic jurisprudence is a human enterprise and needs to be reviewed. A new Islamic school of thought needs to be established,” the preacher said.

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“The new Islamic jurisprudence is in my hand”… Al-Maqamisi who created a stir in Saudi Arabia

A prominent Saudi cleric, Saleh al-Maqamisi, has topped the most popular hashtags in the kingdom after sparking controversy on Twitter and talking about the need to establish a new Islamic judiciary.

Al-Maqamisi said in his interview: “I believe that God Almighty will establish a new Islamic judiciary in my hands.” He also spoke about the possibility of establishing this school of thought in the hands of a group of religious scholars.

He pointed out that his words would raise a lot of criticism, and justified his call by saying, “There is a hole in the nation today, which will invent a new Islamic law.”