May 30, 2023

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Emirates Health Services promotes youth awareness of future mental health role

The Emirates Foundation for Health Services organized a youth seminar on the future of youth and mental health, which reviewed ways to promote and disseminate positive experiences and practices in the field of mental health and to communicate positive messages that contribute to improving mental health. Young people, their role in sustainable development and the future path plays an important role by opening communication channels between youth councils, initiating and adopting mental initiatives based on their constructive ideas to enhance their community participation. Ability to assume responsibilities that will guide society in the future, and contribute to the well-being and sustainability of the state, in line with the future directions of the state.

The youth circle, held at the House of Wisdom Rashid Hall in the Emirate of Sharjah, saw many officers and staff and 20 participants from the Department of Medical Services in the field of psychiatry. Youth section.

The Youth Circle aims to increase public awareness of ideas about mental health among young people, to open new frontiers for young people to learn about advances and developments related to mental health, to change negative perceptions and to reduce the stigma associated with mental health among young people. , Helps young people present future efforts and activities to improve health.

Pioneers of the future

Dr. Youssef Mohammed Al Sergall, Director General of Emirates Health Services Corporation, praised the efforts of the youth in the company and organized group discussions to review key topics of interest to groups in the community in investing in the future. Encouraging the youth and them to be more creative and innovative, the Foundation places special emphasis on the youth section in its health and psychology programs in response to the organization’s efforts to be at the forefront of organizations, and concerned government agencies involved in implementing comprehensive programs to improve the mental health of young people and their empowerment to promote comprehensive mental health programs. Follow the guidelines of intelligent leadership. Condition.

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Digital mental health

Dr. Noor Al Muhairi, Director of the Foundation’s Department of Mental Health, pointed out the importance of the Youth Seminar on the future of youth and health services at this time when the world is facing the effects of the epidemic. Services to be provided in response to the psychological needs of young people. The topic of discussion was “Mental Health and Digital Technology for Youth” and a brainwashing session was held to develop solutions, suggestions and support efforts.

Dr. Noor Al Muhairi explained that the event covered 3 axes: prevention and promotion of comprehensive and integrated mental health services and digital mental health, prevention of mental disorders, expansion and integration of quality of life and mental health and services, mental health, smart applications and virtual care, exchange of ideas, In addition to discussing the topic of digital mental health in terms of reviewing solutions and making appropriate recommendations, integrated and responsive care and mental health services for young people were highlighted. And with the aim of coming up with the importance of collaborative participation and mental health in initiatives, innovative ideas and positive impact.