March 31, 2023

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Emirates News Agency – 11 Visual, music and poetry panels reveal the biography of Sharjah through a “description of the place”.

Sharjah, January 19 / WAM / January 25, 26, 28 and 29 The Al Majaz Theater’s audience will be taken to the “Narration of the Place” show, through 11 display panels, for theatrical and poetic milestones. Includes the biography of the United Arab Emirates over the past fifty years of life in Sharjah and its people, construction and achievements.Theater space changes with its lighting, the costumes of its artists and their acting movements, and year after year in the moving biography of Sharjah and the aesthetics of its renaissance.

The scenes of the show, which lasts about 90 minutes, begin with a group covering with music and light the atmosphere of resistance put forward by the people of Sharjah in the face of colonialism.

The show features scenes from more than 50 artists, performers and delegates from around the United Arab Emirates and around the world, moving from the lives of first parents to the adventures of their deepest journeys. In the ocean in search of pearls, their performances are in tune with the panels of light, music and music.

The various scenes tell the story stories and details from the biography of the United States and what has succeeded in achieving what is now a cultural and cultural project that is one of the most important landmarks between cities and capitals of art and creativity in the world. From historical events and changes in the Emirate to the aesthetics of its architecture and the visual identity of its public space.

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Each scene of the show paves the way for new worlds in the next scene, a series of Sharjah architectural aesthetics and cultural and intellectual achievements of the United Arab Emirates and demonstrates what has been accomplished for the advancement of Arab writers, preservation of heritage, and concern for creators.

Um / Badul Qashwani / Islam Al-Hussein