June 6, 2023

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Emirates News Agency – Belhole Al Falasi reviewed the role of education in achieving sustainability during the World Bank meetings in Washington.

Washington, 16 April / WAM / Education Minister Dr. Ahmad bin Abdullah Humaid Belhaul Al Falasi participated in the event “Rethinking a Climate Resilient Future” organized by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), the largest global funder. Dedicated to transforming education in low-income countries, in conjunction with the Brookings Institution, on the sidelines of the World Bank Group’s spring meetings in Washington.
A panel consisting of Hon’ble Ministers, Leaders, Resolutions and Policy Makers and representatives of Civil Society Organizations participated in the event and deliberated on setting up a framework for global partnership in the field of education. Climate change and education, and the role of education in building a more climate resilient world.
During his intervention, he touched upon the government’s efforts to adopt and implement initiatives and programs that contribute to achieving green schools and steps and policies to ensure a more sustainable infrastructure for climate change-resistant educational institutions.
He said that education is the foundation for creating awareness and building skills, especially among the youth, to change their attitude, attitude and behavior related to climate change, to motivate them to make decisions that serve the environment and make them aware of climate change. Transitions, addressing the challenges of climate change and building a more sustainable future.
He pointed out that the Ministry of Education has also developed a roadmap focused on accelerating efforts to adopt sustainable practices in various aspects of the education system within the framework of preparations for the UAE’s hosting of the COP28 World Climate Conference. Country including green schools, green learning, green communities and manufacturing and manufacturing capacity.

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He emphasized the Ministry’s interest in implementing and making this map applicable in other countries, and in this regard, international partnerships and collaboration with local, regional and international bodies and organizations are the cornerstones of the success of these efforts.
The event served as an important platform to highlight the efforts made by the UAE and the progress it has made in promoting sustainability and raising the level of environmental awareness through its education system.

Asim al-Qauli / Ahmed Kamal