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Emirates News Agency – Chairman of the “Voice” Foundation for WAM: Saeed Prize for Human Brotherhood is the culmination of 27 years of life


From Ahmad Al Nuaimi.

Abu Dhabi, February 26 / WAM / Michael-Pierre-Lewis, Chairman of the Focus Foundation for Knowledge and Freedom, confirmed that the Haitian Republican Humanitarian Organization has been honored with the Saeed Prize for Human Brotherhood in its 2022 edition. The award is an international recognition of his country’s role in promoting and co-ordinating the principles of human brotherhood.

On the page announcing the names of the recipients of the award to Emirates News Agency WAM yesterday, the head of the Focus Knowledge and Freedom Foundation said the award was the culmination of 27 years of continuous work. Protect human dignity, support all sections of the community, “women, children and youth” and provide them with the opportunity to achieve education, culture and sports through the introduction of many effective programs and initiatives.

He said that education is the main goal of the Focused Knowledge and Independence Foundation as we can achieve and integrate many of the noble values ​​we believe in through the educational process from childhood to higher education.

Michael noted that the foundation has programs with small farmers fighting food insecurity and a program for the media and artists.

His country is classified as the poorest country in the world, but when you look at the creativity of the artists in that country you can not believe it is a poor country, so this is what we protect, I think this is it. This may be one of the reasons why we have received this prestigious international award today.

The President of the Knowledge and Freedom Foundation (Focal) assured us that the Saeed Prize for Human Brotherhood is a great honor and encouragement for us to continue working to promote the values ​​of brotherhood and human unity and to protect human dignity. All our partners and companies we work with.

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Focal was founded in 1995 and runs a number of projects and initiatives aimed at shaping the future of Haiti’s youth and provides opportunities for its communities with the aim of reducing illiteracy rates and promoting cultural exchange. The Foundation provides a wide range of activities to local communities for education, the arts, culture and development and civil society organizations across the country.

The Focus Foundation for Knowledge and Freedom is a beacon of hope in Haiti, and was selected by the jury to win the Saeed Prize for Human Brotherhood 2022, thanks to its tireless work and influential efforts in serving the public good and building a more flexible community. In terms of the values ​​and principles of the human fraternity.

Among other candidates, the Focal Foundation has distinguished itself as an organization that builds bridges to build the Haitian community. The world.

The Focus Foundation works to establish the structure of a more just society based on individual and collective autonomy and accountability. Through its programs and initiatives, the Foundation has empowered many marginalized communities to become advocates and implementers of change in Haiti.

Ms. Michael-Pierre-Lewis, founder and chairman of the Focus Foundation for Knowledge and Freedom, has dedicated her life to promoting human rights and gender equality.

The Focusing Foundation for Knowledge and Freedom played a key role in the relief efforts of the Haitian people during the disasters, leading to reconstruction efforts after the catastrophic earthquake that killed 300,000 people in 2010 and injured large numbers of people. .

To achieve its mission, VOCALE utilizes a variety of flexible tools, including grants, capacity building and operational programs that provide training and communication support to urban youth, people with disabilities, smallholder farmers, community healthcare providers and media personnel. Enthusiasts and artists.

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The Focus Foundation for Knowledge and Freedom targets the most deserving groups of people in Haitian society to become agents of change and hope, namely children, youth, civil society associations, youth groups and peasants and women.

The Focus Foundation for Knowledge and Freedom, through its various programs, provides an opportunity for young people in Haiti to participate in activities that develop critical thinking, knowledge, entrepreneurship, discussion, tolerance and creativity.

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