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Emirates News Agency – Chinese official: Scientific and technological innovation is cornerstone of cooperation in Belt and Road Initiative


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ABU DHABI, October 24 / WAM / Chinese Vice Minister of Science and Technology Zhang Guangjun stressed that the Belt and Road Initiative launched by China will benefit the whole world and is a cornerstone of cooperation between science and technology innovation. China and Arab countries in this effort.

In an interview with Emirates news agency WAM, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed in 2013 that Kazakhstan and Indonesia, respectively, participate in the Belt and Road Initiative, opening a new chapter in comprehensive cooperation within the framework of the initiative. .

He also said that at the opening ceremony of the first session of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in 2017, President Xi Jinping proposed to build the Belt and Road as a road for innovation and launch the “Belt and Road” action plan. For cooperation in scientific and technological innovation, on October 18, 2023, President Xi Jinping announced eight key measures China will take to support high-quality Belt and Road cooperation at the opening ceremony of the third session of the Belt and Road Forum. International cooperation.

Over the past decade, he explained, the initiative has aimed to create a shared future for humanity. Aim to create platforms for innovative collaboration and provide services for interconnection and common development. Create an open innovation ecosystem, deepen the implementation of the “Belt and Road” action plan for cooperation in science and technology innovation, promote scientific and systematic development of technology and people-to-people exchange, and strengthen cooperation in joint laboratories, technology parks and technology exchange.

Chinese Vice Minister of Science and Technology said that thanks to the joint efforts of all parties, the scientific and technological cooperation mechanism has deepened, and the humanitarian exchanges between the countries have become closer and achieved fruitful results in the field of innovation.

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He pointed out that China has so far signed government science and technology cooperation agreements with more than 80 countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative, and has built a comprehensive innovation cooperation network at multiple levels.

He said that in the past decade, the foundations of science, technology and humanitarian exchanges have been continuously strengthened, and China has brought more than 10,000 young scientists from countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative to participate in scientific research. Term exchanges, and more than 16,000 employees have been trained in the field of science, technology and management, covering 80% of the countries participating in this initiative, among the training programs, the “International Youth Special Program” has become a model. A further level has been created within its framework to support young scientists from around the world to learn from each other. 700 young scientists from more than 40 countries from Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America are participating in this initiative. Egypt, Myanmar, Hungary and Cuba, covering more than 10 specialties such as agriculture, life sciences, chemical engineering and environment.

Zhang Guangjun also said that China and other partner countries have carried out joint activities such as “China Innovation Tour”, “Science Popularization Exchange Week” and “Young Producers Camp” to further promote mutual understanding and traditional friendship between the countries. The concept of cooperation and joint construction is deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

He said that consultation, mutual cooperation and equality have become the principles and guarantees for the sustainable and long-term development of the Innovation Road, explaining that the construction of the Innovation Silk Road always aims at mutual respect, equal participation, full consultation and unity. Based on cooperation, and equality.

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He said China has so far built more than 50 joint laboratories with countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative in the fields of agriculture, renewable energy and health, and has played a major role in promoting scientific and technological innovation. These countries have also contributed to solving problems common to all mankind. China has built nine cross-border technology exchange centers for Arab countries, ASEAN countries, Africa and other regions, and by concluding science and technology exchange agreements, it has jointly promoted technology demonstrations. and promotion, and strengthened industrial technology exchanges and cooperation between countries, so that technological achievements can benefit more people.

The Chinese Vice Minister of Science and Technology emphasized that cooperation between China and participating countries in the construction of the Belt and Road in the field of technology parks has been promoted in addition to providing avenues for innovation and industrial development to various countries.

He pointed to the strong and solid friendship between China and Arab countries, and in December 2022, the first summit between China and Arab countries was successfully held, and both sides agreed to make every effort to build Sino-Arab countries. A community with a shared future in the new era As Chinese President Xi Jinping pointed out, China and Arab countries know each other, the ancient Silk Road has connected them, they have shared good and bad times, fought for national liberation, and cooperated with each other to achieve win-win results in the wave of economic globalization. .In the midst of international changes, they remained steadfast in principles and good morals. It also served to strengthen the spirit of friendship that united them as represented by each other. President Xi also suggested that China is willing to promote the “Eight Joint Actions” with Arab countries on aid and beneficence, equal treatment, inclusivity and mutual learning.

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Based on joint research, China has actively carried out joint research with Arab countries in the fields of information, energy, agriculture, environment and basic research, and has jointly built more than 10 joint laboratories and a China-Arab technology transfer center. Building a technology transfer cooperation network connecting thousands of local members and foreigners, creating an important platform for Sino-Arab joint innovation and entrepreneurship.

He stressed that China is ready to work with Arab countries to continue cooperation in the field of scientific and technological innovation in jointly building the Belt and Road through bilateral and multilateral cooperation mechanisms. and technological innovation projects, and to continue to strengthen cooperative relations in the field of innovation, lay a solid foundation for science and technology, human, science and technology exchanges, expand in comprehensive cooperation areas, accelerate the construction of high-level cooperation platforms, and continue the innovative impetus in the Sino-Arab community with a jointly shared future. Establishing an open innovation ecosystem for instillation.

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