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Emirates News Agency – Director of Sustainability Operations: Expo Dubai Achieves European and International Standards for Gender Equality A new record for the United Arab Emirates.


.. from Muhammad Jaballah.

Dubai, 9 March / WAM / Tina Story, Director of Sustainability Operations at Expo 2020 Dubai confirmed that Expo 2020 Dubai has been honored by international and European standards for gender equality; This is a new record in the list of global achievements of the Expo 2020 Dubai site to be held in the United Arab Emirates.

In an exclusive interview with Emirates news agency WAM, he explained that the Expo International Award largely reflects the commitment of the International Event for Gender Equality. The importance of gender equality and the Expo Awards is high in all sectors. By Minister of State for International Cooperation and Director General of the Expo 2020 Dubai Office Her Excellency Reem Pint Ibrahim Al Hashimi.

Appreciating this edition of the World Expo’s continued commitment to gender equality in the workplace, Tina Story described international certification as an important compliment, adding: “Applying for the award is not just about highlighting ourselves, but about showing the world. Except for the importance of equality between men and women on the Expo stage and an important approach taken by the United Arab Emirates to the Arab world as a whole.

Commenting on the general awareness of the concept of sustainability, he added: “Sustainability is not only about the environment but also about social and economic sustainability. For us, as a team working at Expo Dubai, we have already focused on the community. We have a number of international certifications, including Leeds and ISO 20121 certification, which we have adopted in the areas of sustainability to integrate the principle of sustainability at Expo 2020. ”

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He drew attention to the effort to focus on the importance of social stability through gender equality, as well as caring for assertive people, emphasizing that the Expo is a pioneering platform with a specific approach to empowering women working in the defense sector. Construction, operational management, medicine, economics and other specialized and complex fields.

Regarding post-Expo 2020 news and Dubai gains, he explained that the “Expo Dubai Heritage” transcends not only the buildings where it is located, but also the international awards and certifications, work methods and ideas it has received. And the principles of solutions, gender equality, women empowerment and the goals and strategy of the state and their realization, point to a sustainable output to the world in that small region.

She lauded the role of the Ambitious Working Group and stressed that the Expo Dubai is an honorable international model, with a consistent ambition to achieve goals, as the award is a woman, an integral part of the Expo team. We want to achieve their dream in a country that does not know the impossible, the dream of everyone in the Expo team combined with the dream of the Great Expo, and it is a personal, Arab and international tradition for everyone on that team. .

The global award is presented in conjunction with Expo 2020 Hosting, which celebrates International Women’s Day, under the motto “Breaking Dependencies for 2022”. Themed Weeks, the first edition of the World Exhibition, has a separate section dedicated to women for over 50 years.

Honor is noted to be taken into account; At Expo 2020 Dubai (53%) more than half of the total staff are women, and more than a third of all top leaders (38%) hold 52% of executive positions, and more than three-fifths. Positions designated for graduates.

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