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Emirates News Agency – “Dubai Dialogue” conference urges companies and society to accelerate transition towards a circular economy


Dubai, 25 October / WAM / Dubai Chamber, its Business Ethics Center, recently hosted the “Dubai Dialogue 2021” conference, which was organized in Dubai for Expo 2020, with a wide range of stakeholders and 150 interested in social responsibility in the country Attendance of participants.

The conference discussed the opportunities and challenges of investing in the circle economy and reviewed the development of a roadmap to accelerate the transition to the circle economy as a key resource for the economic recovery as there are economic and environmental benefits of the circle economy. It is estimated that it could bring economic benefits of up to US $ 4.5 trillion over the next decade, however, only 10% of the world economy is considered a circular economy, which offers promising investment opportunities for the future.

In his inaugural address, His Excellency Hamad Mubarak Bhumim, Director General of the Dubai Chamber, said that the ecological economy is an absolute need to protect the environment, improve the supply and distribution network of raw materials, increase competitiveness and promote innovation. And stimulates sustainable economic growth. He pointed out the importance of adopting smart and sustainable ways to manage the operational processes of companies, noting that they will succeed in improving the lives of companies that adopt smart design for their operations while considering improving economic performance and minimizing negative impacts on the environment. Their products, establishing the most efficient waste management system and recycling strategy. Tadveer is at a high level, which will enhance its reputation and the quality of its services.

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Bhumim stressed that the stability of the vision of Dubai is a fundamental pillar, and the Dubai Chamber is committed to supporting this vision. The Center for Business Ethics, founded 17 years ago by the Chamber, plays a key role in promoting a sustainable business culture and exchanging ideas, experiences and innovations for a responsible business community.

A panel discussion was held during the conference, which was attended by Dr. Dima Rashid Jamali, Dean of the College of Business Management, University of Sharjah, Samira Al Royce, Director General of Policies and Strategies for Sustainable Development at the General Secretariat, Dubai Executive Council and Omar Shenawi, CEO of Procter & Gamble in the Middle East. Dr. Kamal Mallahi, Senior Director, Center for Business Ethics at the Dubai Chamber.

The Dubai Dialogue, the largest sustainability conference in the Emirate of Dubai, brings together participants from a variety of industries and sectors to create a holistic vision of sustainability and corporate social responsibility in the UAE.

Wam / Salma Al Shamsi / Emad Al Ali

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