June 6, 2023

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Emirates News Agency – Dubai to host “Energy Storage Forum” tomorrow

DUBAI, 21st May, 2020 (WAM) — Dubai will host the second session of the Energy Conservation Forum 2023 under the theme “Ongoing transition towards clean energy sources in GCC countries, leading to the COP28 climate conference”.

The forum will be held at the Sofitel Jumeirah Beach Hotel from May 23 to 25. It represents a milestone in advancing plans to build a global flexible infrastructure for energy storage and regulation. It is the result of a strategic collaboration between the GCC Interconnection Authority and the Electric Power Research Institute, a leading international non-profit organization. and growth.

The forum is being held at a time when the world continues to make major efforts and transitions towards a carbon-neutral future. This is arranged in light of the optimistic outlook of the battery power systems market in the Middle East and Africa, which will see growth rates, according to a report published by “Mordurant Intelligence”, exceed 5.2% during this period. 2023 to 2028.

The prestigious global event brings together leading players from the Middle East and around the world under one roof to address the challenges and opportunities arising from the global transition to a carbon-neutral world. It includes energy system operators, energy storage developers, researchers, service providers and others.

The forum also includes officials from electricity and water authorities from GCC countries to discuss opportunities to develop the energy storage sector and ways to support energy sector transformation to achieve sustainability and decarbonisation in the region.

Engineer Ahmed Al-Ibrahim, CEO of the Gulf Electricity Connection Authority, said the Energy Savings Forum 2023 offers global participants a unique opportunity to discuss trends, policies, technologies and innovations related to solar energy, renewable energy and renewable resources. Related fields. During the forum, we will shed light on a number of important issues affecting the GCC countries and contributing to putting the region at the forefront of creating a carbon-neutral economy. From energy transition policies to hydrogen and energy storage, we have made sure to cover key issues in line with ambitious decarbonisation goals in the GCC and globally.

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Al-Ibrahim added: We believe the forum will act as an important catalyst to accelerate the adoption of energy saving solutions and pave the way for a carbon neutral world. Home to many pioneering projects in the field of energy conservation, the forum is fitting as it continues to intensify its efforts to achieve sustainable development under the vision and guidance of intellectuals. Leadership.

On his part, Arshad Mansoor, Chairman and CEO, Electric Energy Research Institute, said the Energy Savings Forum is an opportunity to discuss how energy storage helps us improve our renewable energy resources despite exposure to weather and climate conditions. It is best to hold this meeting for consistency. Hosting the forum in the UAE will contribute to the development of dialogue on energy conservation and shaping the future of the global energy scene.

New methods of energy storage, especially lithium-ion batteries, have greatly improved cost and efficiency, thus opening many new opportunities for energy storage. With continuous innovation, battery storage capacity for sustainable energy systems is expected to increase from the annual usage rate. 5.5% GW in 2020 to 26.2 GW in 2025. New technologies continue to emerge due to the adoption of lithium-ion battery storage technologies, improved safety and growing demand for available and environmentally responsible supply chains.

The three-day event will address these and other issues through interactive panel sessions and technical workshops on the fundamentals of energy transition and energy conservation.

Emad al-Ali / Salama al-Shamsi