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Emirates News Agency – Economy Minister: We are working on a strategy to transform the food and agriculture sector into a global force


DUBAI, September 22 / WAM / The Minister of Economy, His Highness Abdullah bin Duq Al Marri, confirmed the country’s commitment to develop the food and agriculture sector to generate $10 billion in GDP and 20,000 jobs. The next five years.

He laid out seven key pillars of strategic direction to achieve this.
Key strategies include localizing innovation, strengthening agriculture and food supply chains, and providing farmers with the support and resources they need to achieve global leadership in agricultural innovation and sustainability in the food sector.
Addressing the fifth edition of the Future of Food Industries Forum 2023, he lauded the initiatives of the food and beverage industry in the areas of knowledge, skill development and digital infrastructure. How food is produced, distributed and consumed regionally and globally.
He lauded the potential of the Emirates Food Platform, launched at the forum, to enable collaboration between the public and private sectors in the field of food safety and to enhance the food and beverage ecosystem through digital infrastructure to drive sector growth and attract investments and business opportunities.
According to a statement from the organizers of the forum, the two-day (September 20-21) events in Dubai highlight the growing role and future of the food industry in the economy of the UAE. This industry, and current efforts to advance economic growth and industrial development in the UAE, emphasized that this is a promising and important matter for the future, as the UAE is today considered one of the most important centers for global food logistics services. , and it is the most accessible port for shipping containers between source and destination facilitating the food supply and consumption process.
The food sector is considered an important aspect of comprehensive trade, as trade in food products in the UAE is expected to reach 130 billion dirhams in 2022 compared to 105 billion dirhams in 2021, registering a year-on-year growth of 24% and food trade at 5.7%. Trade is non-oil.
His Highness Abdullah Bin Duq Al Marri said: “With a growing population and a priority for food security, the UAE is doing well in this regard as it ranks first in the Global Food Security Index for 2022. Other peers in the Middle East and North Africa region, but this volatile The challenges facing food in the times are real and present, and fortunately, the resilience and adaptability of our food industry helps us meet this challenge, while emphasizing sustainable practices that have maintained food safety in our country for centuries.”
He added: “I stand before you today to share with you our vision to take our beloved country to new heights and ensure food security in the future. Today, we are working on a strategy to transform the food and agriculture sector into a global force, sustainable innovation, self-sufficiency and Based on fundamental pillars that reflect our commitment to food production.
In his address, he pointed out that the first pillar is to localize the next generation of agricultural enterprises, develop local talent, identify and support next-generation solutions, and develop them into global leaders in promoting innovation. Second, making the UAE a global regulatory power ensures that our products maintain high standards and gain international recognition. Third, strengthening the UAE leadership’s commitment to strengthen the entire food value chain by prioritizing local production and reducing dependence on imports. Fourth, ensuring adequate funding for workers in the food and beverage sector.
He said: “Access to finance is key to the growth and development of industries, and our strategy focuses on securing funding and support, and this leads us to our fifth pillar of driving innovation through world-class research and development. It is the cornerstone of progress. We will provide global research and development packages. “The state of promoting change.
Also, the sixth pillar helps diversify the workforce and access new markets by creating pathways for all agricultural workers. Finally; The strategy aims to create the next generation of farmers who will be the future of agriculture and agricultural technology. Al Marri expressed his commitment to equipping farmers with the knowledge, technology and resources they need through training programmes, modernization initiatives and support systems to ensure the agricultural workforce is ready to face the challenges and opportunities ahead.
For his part, Saleh Lootah, Chairman of the UAE Food and Beverage Producers and Manufacturers Group, affiliated with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, said: “The remarkable success of the 5th Future Food Industry Forum is due to the joint participation of all stakeholders in the food ecosystem, whose active engagement has been enhanced by the gradual shift to digital platforms, It has significantly improved engagement, communication and collaboration.
The forum was organized by the UAE Food and Beverage Business Council under the auspices of the UAE Ministry of Economy and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, with the support of the Department of Economy and Tourism and the Food Department in Dubai. Technology Valley, Dubai includes the “Free from Food” exhibition.

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