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Abu Dhabi, June 17 / WAM / In their editorials, local newspapers focus on reviving the country’s tourism sector, launching incentive policies, initiatives and concessions, offering the highest level of tourism infrastructure, excellent services and diversity. Presence of its geography and nature, tourism, cultural and entertainment sites and hosting exhibitions and events.

He highlighted the joint efforts to enhance cooperation between the United Arab Emirates and Latin American countries, which culminated in the decision to grant observer membership status to the Latin American and Caribbean parliaments represented by the Federal National Council of the United Arab Emirates. In addition to the announcement of applications for participation in the third phase of the Dubai Future Foundation, the two sides will improve relations. The Dubai Future Experts Program aims to prepare leaders and experts in priority strategic areas.

Under the headline “Tourism Recovery”, Al-Ittihad newspaper wrote that the tourism sector in the United Arab Emirates is growing rapidly and is gradually returning to its status after the global tourist stagnation caused by the Corona epidemic. Moreover this growth was not only limited to the increase in the number of international tourists, but also reflected in the recovery of domestic tourism figures, the increase in tourism costs, hotel occupancy rates and air bookings and many other indicators of a sector. The increase in the number of direct and indirect jobs in the sector reached 41% in 2021, raising its contribution to the UAE’s GDP to 6.4%.

He explained that the rapid recovery was the result of the vision, support and efforts of the wise leadership and the incentives and initiatives adopted by the government to support various sectors including the tourism sector. Tourism infrastructure offers excellent services for its diversity in geography and nature, as well as the presence of tourism, cultural and entertainment sites. Also hosting international exhibitions and events including Expo 2020 Dubai and launching initiatives and events in the winter.

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At the end of his editorial, the UAE is a tourist destination and everyone is working as a team to achieve this goal because the integration of the country’s tourism status is linked to our fifty development processes, and tourism is one. We want the tributaries of the economy to be the most active and prosperous in the world, and in less than three years, decades later, the country’s tourism identity should be a symbol that tells the story of a nation. Leading the world with a sense of security for the people, it establishes itself as a beacon of coexistence and tolerance for all to work, live and visit.

On the other hand, under the heading “Future Cooperation and Wide Opportunities” … Al Bayan newspaper reported that joint efforts to enhance economic, social, cultural and political cooperation between the United Arab Emirates and Latin American countries have yielded many benefits. A position, and culminated yesterday with the decision to grant a representative of the Federal National Assembly to the United Arab Emirates as an observer member of the Latin American and Caribbean parliaments.

He pointed out that this special status reflects the development of relations between the United Arab Emirates and Latin American countries, and allows to strengthen cooperation with this important international parliamentary body, which reflects common interests in various fields. Pages and spreading the values ​​of tolerance and peace, and the transparency of culture and civilization.

The relationship is based on a common desire to strengthen the historical friendship between the United Arab Emirates and Latin America and the Caribbean, and to enhance the horizons of cooperation, and builds pillars on many regional and international issues. International peace and security, especially in the fight against terrorism and resolving conflicts in peaceful ways, including climate change, renewable energy and more.

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As he speaks of these relations, we recall that between 2016 and 2021 the United Arab Emirates accounted for 77% of the total investment of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries in Latin America. What this means is that we are talking about two regions that are rich in human resources and natural resources that can be invested to achieve sustainable growth for the benefit of all because they enjoy the greatest amount of vitality and energy, and young people have the largest group of them.

We must not forget that the Arab world and the Latin American countries, despite their geographical distances, belong to the oldest civilizations known to mankind and have emerged in the best cultural, literary and artistic contributions. World Library, Human Tradition and Human Thought for a long time.

In the end, in the light of global developments and changes related to energy, climate change, food security and cyber security, and in the light of threats to international peace and security, there is a need to create more opportunities for bilateral and regional regions. And international co-operation and cooperation to serve the interests of all.

On the other hand, under the headline “Future Experts”, Al-Wadan newspaper wrote, “Dubai continues to establish its position as one of the most developed and developed cities in the world, under the leadership of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid.” Let’s protect him. ” Its optimistic approach to the future by empowering generations to use their tools, enhance their participation and harness their creative and innovative capabilities, ensuring its impressive growth and achievements, thereby securing its position and its pioneering role. Improving the speed and efficiency of investing in human capital and skills and abilities within the government machinery.Marking as one of the incubators of creativity and global uniqueness, enhancing the active and confident participation of young national leaders, improving their skills in strategic thinking and destiny in shaping the future.

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The United Arab Emirates has always been grateful for the care and support of its sons, their efforts and their confidence in their purpose and boundless brilliant leadership, and to make the optimal investment in people and human capital. Achievements reflect the ability and teams capable of planning the government machinery.The strategy is to face the challenges and ensure the graduation of the next generation of professionals who find the right opportunity to hone their skills in various projects and initiatives. Expertise.

He said that Dubai’s ambitious ambitions and that it represents a civilized model depend on work methods and exceptional capabilities, which are protected by advanced leadership thinking, which can enrich the capabilities of the state apparatus with the treasure trove of ideas and the ability to set the stage for development. The world, in terms of plans, progress, prosperity and anticipation of the future, and Dubai presented a decent model of ability to enhance competitiveness in key strategic areas through modern and advanced thinking, which is fluent to read, analyze and prepare for the future. And adopts the product of every talented and creative thinker. It sets an example to be followed internationally.

Al-Wadan concludes his editorial, “The Dubai Plan for Future Professionals” reflects the strength and modernity of leadership thinking, the precise reading of reality and future needs, and the unique model for enhancing empowerment. Skills working in the public sector in addition to being strong enough to work in line with unique and competent skills to achieve the goals and aspirations of improving the status of the United States.

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