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Emirates News Agency – Emirates Council for Balanced Development launches an entrepreneurship program for the people and youth of Kitfa.



Emirates News Agency – Emirates Council for Balanced Development launches an entrepreneurship program for the people and youth of Kitfa.
  • The Emirates Council for Balanced Development is launching a special Entrepreneurship Training Program for the people and youth of the Gitfa region.

FUJAIRAH, 10th July, 2020 (WAM) — The Emirates Council for Balanced Development, in collaboration with the “Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development”, has launched a comprehensive program in business development, specifically directed at the people of the Gitfa region. As part of a plan to develop the Qidfaa area – attached to the Emirate of Fujairah, it is part of the first “Emirates Villages” projects and initiatives aimed at developing areas and villages in the country through the Council’s strategy and sustainable development model.
The project falls within the framework of the Development Pathways implementation of the “Qadafa” Development Plan, which gives greater importance to the youth by providing them with all avenues to unleash their potential and increase their contribution to various development pathways. To generate innovative project ideas and businesses in all sectors and provide necessary support to revitalize businesses and create relevant opportunities for people in various economic sectors.
Implemented through an advanced workshop for three days, the program represents an important opportunity for entrepreneurs from the region, especially youth and owners of small and medium enterprises, to learn and develop entrepreneurship and innovation skills. , they can achieve success in various fields of commercial and craft projects.
Secretary General of the Emirates Council for Balanced Development Mr. Mohammed Khalifa Bakhit Al Gabi said: In collaboration with the Khalifa Fund, the Emirates Council has launched an integrated plan for balanced development in business development for the people of Gitfa region. For institutional development, it reflects the great importance of human development initiatives, which is a key component, base and starting point for achieving the goals of all growth and development paths within the “Emirates Villages” projects, as well as the importance of developing skills. and to provide a supportive and encouraging environment for establishment and entrepreneurship and generate inspiring and innovative ideas that can contribute to the achievement of comprehensive development, positively contributing to the stability and development of society. Quality of life of all its children and divisions.
He added: “Emirates Council for Balanced Development’s development projects prioritize the involvement of youth in all development projects in the various villages of the emirate aimed at development, and focus on providing programs, workshops and training. Individuals from this category can explore opportunities and build their tools and skills. Courses that allow for improvement.” For quality and effective participation in the development efforts of their communities.

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Four tracks.
The workshop includes four main tracks, which include, in addition to the entrepreneurship plan, skills to generate innovative and inspiring ideas that help complete projects as a quality addition to the business environment, methods for preparing a business plan suitable for projects, key ingredients for successful financial management of businesses and projects.
The Entrepreneurship Development Program for the people of Gitfa Region aims to raise awareness of the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation among the people of the region, introduce them to its importance in developing the community and create new job opportunities and provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully establish and manage small businesses and craft projects.
A supportive professional network.
Provided technical support and specialized advice to participants to apply the concepts and tools learned during the program, and encouraged them to develop an innovative entrepreneurial project idea that would achieve the goals of their businesses and projects and promote economic growth. Provide opportunities for interaction and collaboration among participants to promote regional, exchange of experiences and knowledge and build a supportive professional network.
Investing in opportunities.
The Entrepreneurship Development Program for the people of Kitfa contributes to the development of the spirit of initiative and creativity among the people of the area, and encourages them to think positively to adapt to the economic challenges, as well as create local employment opportunities and invest. , and strengthening the local economy in the region by establishing small projects and developing individual skills and the professional, planning, organizing, communication, decision-making, problem-solving, anticipation and perspective of the participants to accommodate various economic changes and variables.
The program contributes to improving participants’ self-confidence and their ability to achieve success in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation, and to foster a sense of teamwork and cooperation in the local community. By encouraging local entrepreneurship, stimulating innovation and developing local resources, Gitfa Region directly contributes to strengthening the capacities of its people in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation, and reflects positively on the economic and social development of the region. Contributes to improving the quality of life of individuals and society in general.
Emirates Council Strategy for Balanced Development.
The project to develop the “Kitfa” area is part of the Emirates Council for Balanced Development 2022-2026 strategy, which aims to achieve sustainable development in remote areas of the country through an innovative mechanism that supports the creation of mini-economies.
It is noteworthy that the “Emirates Villages Project” in its last session saw the signing of agreements with key partners for social participation within the agenda of the UAE government’s annual meetings. Villages should dedicate their status as tourist, cultural and heritage sites that utilize the human potential and natural potential of each region.

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Abu Dhabi Police has called for strict adherence to traffic rules during the Union Day holiday



Abu Dhabi Police has called for strict adherence to traffic rules during the Union Day holiday

Abu Dhabi Police has called on the public to obey traffic rules and regulations, not to drive carelessly and recklessly during celebrations, to observe the requirements and restrictions on the decoration of vehicles, not to behave recklessly on the roads, and to avoid accidents. Happy 52nd Union Day holiday, and wish them a safe and happy holiday.

It emphasized its interest in providing a safe environment to enable community members to celebrate the occasion by preventing anything that disturbs the peace and dealing with emergency situations on main roads, forest areas or places reserved for celebrations.

Abu Dhabi Police has asked the public to cooperate with the instructions of the police and security personnel, especially those attending celebrations and those visiting the wild areas, and to avoid negative behaviour.

It announced that it is ready to increase the number of patrols to protect the celebrations and distribute them according to traffic density points in shopping centers and various event venues in the emirate to improve their security features.

It warned against standing on the roof of a vehicle or leaning out of its windows while driving, making spectacular movements and reckless behavior on the roads, obstructing traffic or blocking the road for others and not stopping at unmarked places.

He called on drivers to pay attention to the movement of pedestrians on various roads, slow down near crossings, give them priority in crossing, and increase caution and attention to children, especially near parks and tourist spots.

He urged families to keep a watch on their children and not take advantage of the joy of Union Day by parading and racing vehicles on the roads. Others are at risk.

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Abu Dhabi Police has advised parents using motorcycles, especially on land, to observe public safety regulations and not drive recklessly to avoid accidents. Designated to ride and ride bicycles, and ensures the safety and fit of the bike. Availability of front and rear lights, tires and first aid kit.

He pointed out that the Command and Control Center in the Operations Department in the Central Operations Department operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to receive calls and reports to Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra cities. Ensuring speedy arrival of special police teams to respond to emergency calls and emergency situations and protect lives, property and national interests.

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The European Union confirms its commitment to operate a loss and damage fund



The European Union confirms its commitment to operate a loss and damage fund

Observers are describing this edition of the United Nations climate conference as a turning point in the history of tackling climate change, as it scored an initial victory on its first day, with delegates agreeing to a long-awaited outcome, a fund to compensate countries for “loss” and damage” most affected by climate change.

Bueno said the European Union is at the highest level at “Cop28” as European Council President Charles Michel and Commission President Ursula van der Leyen attend the leaders’ summit.

Commissioner Wopke Hoekstra will also lead the EU “CoP28” negotiating team, and 8 EU commissioners will participate in various sessions, along with a delegation of high-level officials from various EU departments, according to Bueno.

He pointed out that the European Union will hold more than 90 side events on the most pressing climate issues, which reflects the importance of connecting the Union to this occasion and the need to mobilize efforts to combat climate change.

The issue is priorities
The spokesperson of the European Union identified the priorities of the issues from the European perspective at several points during the current edition of the Conference of the Parties:

  • We will be at the forefront of negotiations to demonstrate the EU’s strong commitment to the green transition and encourage our partners to take an ambitious approach.
  • Member States highlighted the importance of substantially increasing global climate ambition in line with the Paris Agreement, in order to achieve the 1.5°C target, particularly as NDCs and their updates are currently insufficient to meet the target.
  • All parties should review their contributions and strengthen long-term strategies for low-GHG development. target.
  • We have made a renewed EU contribution to reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55 percent by 2030.
  • The EU will phase out fossil fuels by 2030 and promote a decarbonised global energy system, and we need to help develop technologies to capture emissions.
  • With the leadership of COP28, we will launch a global commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency. The goal will be to triple the installed renewable energy capacity and double the energy efficiency rate by 2030.
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Adaptation efforts
Regarding the EU’s role in supporting the rights of developing countries in the face of climate change, Bueno said that progress must be made on the global goal on adaptation, so the Union will call on all parties to make greater efforts for adaptation. All departments.

In addition, the European Union intends to step up efforts to raise funds in support of climate action, according to its spokesperson.

He added: “European Union countries have committed to raising $100 billion annually to help developing countries deal with the effects of climate change. We expect to meet this target for the first time in 2023.”

In 2022, the EU contributed €28.5 billion to the Common Climate Fund.

Losses and Damages
Bueno noted that the EU will continue to seek effective solutions to meet the needs of developing countries regarding losses and damages.

An EU spokesman stressed the commitment to running the loss and damage fund: “We are ready to lead international contributions to that.”

In the first major progress recorded at COP28, the decision was taken to activate the Climate Loss and Damage Fund to compensate countries most affected by climate change. Consistent with negotiations on fossil fuels.

Several countries have already announced contributions, starting with small pledges of what countries hope will be large sums, including $100 million from the United Arab Emirates, which hosts the conference, another $100 million from Germany and at least $51 million from Britain. 17. $5 million from the US and $10 million from Japan.

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An initial breakthrough in establishing a damage fund that poor countries have been demanding for years could pave the way for other solutions to be reached during the two-week summit.

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Video| Emirati talents participate in “Global Skills Asia”.



Video|  Emirati talents participate in “Global Skills Asia”.

Promising Emirati talents, including young Emirati contestants and previous winners, have participated in the World Skills Asia Competition 2023 with their projects, attracting the attention of audiences around the world. It meets the needs of UAE’s industrial and technological advancement.

Draco Smart Systems founder Abdul Rahman Khaled Al Shehi, winner of the World Skills Competition 2022 Excellence Medal in Power Connections and Smart Buildings, said he underwent 3 years of training under the supervision of the Abu Dhabi Technology and Professional Center. Education and Training (Activit), after which he represented the UAE in the World Skills Competition and won first place. At the level of the Arab countries and ninth in the world, then after the competition, he established his smart home project using smart systems. The Drago Smart System reflects the country’s progress in designing smart buildings.

He said that he benefited greatly during his internship to design smart buildings including hotels, hospitals, schools, residential complexes and how to design their electrical connections using artificial intelligence.

Rawda Al Khedbi, who studies at Abu Dhabi Polytechnic University, said she was working with the Dubai Police Division on a skills competition for a student project in the division’s Explosives Division in a simulation experience for the circuit before activating the circuits.

He pointed out that the department receives meritorious students and records their data to communicate with them in future to benefit from their skills in the long run and utilize them in various policing projects.

Competitor in the junior category, Ahmed Yusuf Al Ali, a grade twelfth student in Sharjah, said his experience at the skills competition was great and he gained confidence and benefited from the competition and challenges. He emphasized that in the future, he has put in a lot of effort to reach the stage of participating in such a global competition to represent his country. Emirates is the first to qualify for this competition in the electronics industry.

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As for Zayed University student Khadijah Abdul Karim Al Hammadi, she expressed her happiness to be part of the team representing the UAE in painting and decorating skills and participating in this challenging and challenging competition. She won by merit. For him, participating in an international competition representing his country is a victory that only those who have experienced it can feel happy, he said, pointing out that his project involves painting, wallpapering and repair work. He said that he prepared for the competition by completing 1,300 hours of training from December 2021 and received the support of intensive training from specialist coaches to achieve the expected results, as was the case with the international standards of preparing the client’s home. . (wham)

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