February 4, 2023

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How Dubai became an open-air reality show

Sharia, censorship and repression

Everyone settles there, mesmerized by the hustle and bustle of the destination, its eternal summer and a huge tax gift – residents don’t pay taxes. But they all swear “for safety above all else.” In the background, always the same shock: a robbery in France. Jazz Korea, 3.3 million subscribers on Snapshot, star Reality angels And Villa of broken hearts, In April 2018, in Aix-en-Provence, says in a still quiet voice: “I hear my husband screaming in the living room, and I fall on a hood on my bed. They tied me to a chair, threw my 4-month-old daughter, stabbed Laurent, and emptied the house in forty-five minutes. “Influencers from the world of reality TV are their favorite prey for their desire to show up on social networks. Just pay a little attention to Snapshot and follow them to find out everything: where they live, what night they are away from home, how many Hermes bags They own it, where the jewelry is stored … and when the police get there, it’s no mercy to strangle them. “Didn’t you look for it a little bit by showing it like that?” “” The price to pay when you live like that … “” Besides, is the Lamborghini yours? They ask themselves the answer. Influencers are best supported, in the worst case, by having stolen photos of their wounds and the spread of records of their complaints on the internet. “When I remember, it was final,” Jazz recalled. “We pack our bags. We break as much as we can from France.” “So the Dubai movement, at the instigation of her husband Laurent, The founder of a football forecasting company, said, “Because it’s great to film big cars, big clubs and big laptops to grow your business.” At a distance of more than 6,000 kilometers, it is another world, an artificial and bright bubble waiting for them. “The Light of Los Angeles and the Palm Trees of Miami Three Hours Around Paris”, describes me, ecstatic, Hillary Vanderosiran, A definite bet on reality TV since it appeared ten years ago, in The Ch’tis go skI was on the W9. Since then, her fans have seen her fall in love frantically Princes of love, Leave the dirt inside War of the couple And discover the joys of motherhood Moms and celebrities. It is at Snapshot that they now imitate his new Dubai life, whose material pleasures borrow more from the tradition of American capitalism than Middle Eastern cultures, and make you forget the cultural gap with France. In Dubai, where the rules of common law are established by Sharia law, homosexuality is considered more complex and punishable by up to ten years in prison. Access to many sites and applications is blocked and the use of VPNs is illegal and dangerous. Amnesty International continues to condemn restrictions on freedom of expression as a result of arbitrarily detaining critics of the government. The co-op was banned for a long time and Jazz paid the price for it when his son was born. Caden. Later when the hospital looked at her marriage certificate, she found that she was two months pregnant when she married her husband. The case involved a trip to court to “prostitute” him, i.e. sexual intercourse outside of marriage.

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From a professional point of view, moving to the Emirate is, on the other hand, the best end of his life. Through the videos he publishes at a breakneck pace, the influencer becomes the privileged guide for the family and the new affluent Dubai, amidst allioli for kids and fall dinners for lunch Nusr-Ed, The famous Steak House that serves our selected customers (Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Campbell, Frank Ribery) Entragates (1,200 euros) covered in gold leaf. “The added value of an influence is their ability to deliver something that others do not have,” he explains. In Dubai, I had an entire world to discover. The 4 × 4 trips in the desert, shopping sessions in Louis Vuitton and the world dropping millions of subscribers on a private plane on the weekends in the Maldives. The three-hour time difference with France is ideal for communicating with them. In one year, Jazz tripled its revenue and modeled its own show Continuing with the Kardashians : La JLC Family, Aired on the TF1 group channel TFX.