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Emirates News Agency – Expo Dubai is hosting two events on the future of Saudi Arabia’s pavilion filmmaking and the importance of the tourism industry in the Kingdom.


Dubai, 2 March / WAM / Expo 2020 Dubai hosted the Pavilion Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; A symposium within the “Saudi Film Nights” activities, which brought together experts in the film industry and spoke about the legendary stories in the field, benefiting from the country’s geographical diversity and the great opportunities it offers.

Saudi Film Nights at Expo 2020, in collaboration with the Saudi Film Authority, aims to shed light on the Saudi film scene; This includes short films and group discussions.

The CEO of Manga Productions is Dr. Isam Bukhari spoke about the great cooperation between the Kingdom and Japan in the field of film; He hoped that in the next few years, the kingdom would become an attractive hub for filmmakers, using young talent, tremendous potential, unique content and unique space.

Ahmed Al-Mulla, director of the Saudi Film Festival, pointed out the simplicity of the procedures for establishing companies that specialize in the film industry; Daniel Giscint, a French producer, spoke about his experience in this field, which has seen steady growth, and the opportunities he has had in the kingdom and the pictures he has taken of the Nio and the desert.

The symposium was attended by Andres Vicente Gomez, producer of Heroes, Majid al-Samman, head of Idra’s artistic department, Stephen Strachan, CEO of Al-Ula, Faisal Baltoure, CEO of the Saudi Film Council, and Wayne Borg. , Director of Media, Entertainment, Culture and Fashion at NEOM, spoke on the importance of the various industry initiatives that support the Kingdom’s ability and growth to create a prosperous local media environment.

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In the same context, the Saudi Pavilion, in collaboration with the Saudi Tourism Authority, organized discussion sessions on “A Journey Through Saudi Arabia” and highlighted the importance of the tourism sector in Saudi Arabia, projects and achievements in achieving sustainability in this important sector and epidemics at the Dubai Exhibition Center.

Hasim al-Hasmi, chief strategist of the Saudi Tourism Authority, said: “Saudi Arabia is embarking on an ambitious transformation mission called ‘Vision 2030’, which aims not only to ensure the economic stability of the country, but also to improve the living standards of Saudi Arabia, its residents and visitors. The attraction includes the creation of Saudi Arabia in the top five countries in the world and a key dimension in social development aimed at reaching 100 million visitors annually. The sessions discussed new rules for health and safety ethics.

Commenting on the Kingdom’s efforts to improve the tourism industry and achieve the sustainability the world expects in this field, Tracy Lanza, Chairperson of the International Brand Development Group for Red Sea Development, said: “For me renewable and sustainable tourism people, land and economy, we have 20,000 square kilometers, and we are developing it into our project. We are working on our commitment to carbon neutrality, we will cover all types of disposable plastics, and we are committed to planting 25 million. We need to train and hire people to manage the trees and the earth.

Melanie de Souza, Marketing Managing Director of the Al-Ula Project, said: “The Al-Ula Region has more than 200,000 years of unexplored historical monuments and we follow a carefully planned and approach that is sustainable for a long time, taking into account the cultural, economic and traditional development of the area. Preserving nature and history. ” Improving the local community and preserving the heritage.

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