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Emirates News Agency – Hamdan Bin Mohamed opens Dubai, the world’s deepest diving pool


Dubai, July 7, 2021 (WAM) – Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of Dubai today unveiled the world’s deepest diving pool, the Deep Dive Dubai.

The Crown Prince was accompanied by Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President of the Dubai Media Council at the opening ceremony.

Located in the Nat Al Sheba district of Dubai, the Deep Dive Dubai Pool has been verified by Guinness World Records as the deepest diving pool in the world, with an incredible depth of over 60 meters and 14 million liters of water, equivalent to six Olympic swimming pools.

Including what would be the most advanced hyperbaric room in the region, Deep Dive Dubai’s pool with the latest technology and unparalleled amenities includes a stunning immersive city that can be explored by people of all abilities, including abandoned street landscaping and an apartment, a garage and a playroom. Freediving and scuba diving experiences and courses are offered by a team of international diving experts at all skill levels.

Features of the 60m pool include six and two underwater habitats with a dry room at 21m, 56 underwater cameras covering all angles of the pond, as well as advanced sound and sound systems. Mood lights. Fresh pool water is filtered through siliceous volcanic rocks every six hours, and the filtration technology developed by NASA and UV rays is one of the largest and fastest filtration systems in the region.

The 1,500 m² facility is designed like a giant oyster, endorsing the pearl diving tradition of the United Arab Emirates. Deep Dive Dubai Spokesperson Abdullah Ben Habtoor said: “Deep Dive Dubai allows thrill seekers to enter and experience a new underwater dimension full of adventure and surprise. Exceptional instructors and service throughout the year, in a safe environment. The facility is an investment in Dubai’s growing sporting culture and will add another world-class space to the industry. Develop tourism and adventure sports in Dubai. ”

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“In developing the concept and installation, we were inspired by the bravery and bravery of the UAE pearl diving tradition.

We hope to build the resolution of past and present Emirati researchers and innovators and provide a platform for future achievements and discoveries, ”he said. P2N Habtoor said.

Deep Dive Dubai experiences and guided courses are offered in three categories namely Discover, Dive and Develop. They are open to residents and spectators aged 10 and over from full beginners to divers and professional athletes.

The Discover Type is for those who want to try a dive or take the first steps towards a diver certificate. The dive type allows everyone to dive within the limits of their certification. The development type is training aimed at developing skills and achieving scuba diving and release certificates – from entry level to technical level and instructor level.

Deep Dive Dubai Director Jarot Japlonski, world cave diving record holder and leader in the development of scuba diving, said: “Deep Dive Dubai offers something truly unique to everyone and our team.” Determined to ensure an unforgettable experience, Deep Dive Dubai offers an exceptional, safe and controlled environment for those looking forward to a unique experience with exceptional service. ”

Translated by: Kihane Pawsi.

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