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Emirates News Agency – In partnership with Saeed High Organization for the Strong People, the Egyptian Ministry of Youth is opening 20 communication centers.


Cairo, May 6: The WAM / Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports opened 20 Communication and Skills Development Centers to provide free service in 12 Egyptian governorates, through the “can be different” office. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Ministry and the Saeed High Level Organization last June, through the Holding Company – ADQ – based in Cairo, to establish 60 Communications Centers within 20 years, with 20 centers each year within the governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt, within 3 years, within 20 years.

Egyptian Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Ashraf Sophie stressed that this collaboration between the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Zayed Higher Organization for the Stable People is the foremost of the major projects extended between the Ministry and the Zayed Higher Organization. , Embodying classic values ​​and meanings, and evidence that embodies the common human values ​​of the two countries. A new love letter to Sister Emirates Egypt expressing its gratitude and appreciation to Zayed High Organization for its dedicated people. .

He emphasized the historical ties that bind the two countries and the bonds of love and brotherhood between the two brothers, and expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the leadership and people of the United Arab Emirates for their support to Egypt at all levels.

These centers within the youth centers are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to provide sessions on “Communication, Behavior Change, Skills Development, Learning Difficulties and Emotional Integration” in addition to psychological assessment, where two speech centers have been opened in Minya Governorate. “Bani Ahmed Youth Center and Magusa Youth Center”. The Assyrian Governorate has 3 speech centers, the Nasser Youth Center, the Mosha Youth Center and the Sadafah Youth Center, and the Alexandria Governorate has two speech centers, the “Kermos Youth Center”. Center and Nasser Youth Center “.

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Two talk centers were opened in the governorate of Caliberia, the “Al-Ammar Youth Center and the Esco Residential Youth Center”, and one communication center was opened at the Hurghada Youth Center in the Red Sea Governorate and the other at the Naga Al-Luxor Governorate. Qataba Youth Center, and a communication center at the New Valley Governorate inside the Karka Youth Center. A talk center was opened at the Badr Youth Center at the Aswan Governorate.

In Sohag Governorate, two communication centers were opened, “Shadora Youth Center and Sohag City Youth Center.” In Fayom Governorate, two centers were opened, the Kafa Youth Center and the Al-Ameria Youth Center. Two centers were opened in Beni Souf Governorate. , Meaning “Al-Obar Youth Center and Al-Amriya Youth Center.” FIBA Youth, and a Communication Center in the Governorate of Kena, opened within the Labor City Youth Center.

The Egyptian Ministry of Youth Affairs has announced the opening of 8 more communication centers in the near future. Governorate, Sadat and Solomon Cabley Youth Centers are fitted, and two Youth Centers are fitted. CD Salem in Kafr L-Sheikh Governorate and Nasser Mallavi Youth Center in Kafr L-Sheikh, Minya Governorate are getting ready. In the governorate of Giza, the El-Saf Youth Center is getting ready.

The program aims to establish speech and skill development centers for people with skills and perseverance who have problems such as “autism, speech retardation, speech problems, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning difficulties and behavior change”. Skill development, emotional coordination and speech development.

– Khatun Nowais -.

Wm / QR / Abdul Nasser Monim

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