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Emirates News Agency – Maryam Al Muhairi: UAE in top position to host COP28


Maryam Al Muhairi, – By participating in COP28, we are setting our sights on a climate and environmentally safe future for the world.

– We operate in a participatory approach involving relevant federal and state agencies, the private sector and members of the community to build a sustainable economy.

We look forward to making COP28 the most inclusive Conference of the Parties and ensuring that no one is left behind.

Together with the nations of the world, we will find solutions to curb climate change and build an adaptive, sustainable economy for all.

ABU DHABI, 22nd August, 2020 (WAM) — The UAE is fully prepared to host the Conference of the Parties, in cooperation with all partners and stakeholders, confirmed Her Excellency Maryam Bint Mohammed Al Muhairi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment. , COP28, next November, and to highlight its important role in promoting global climate action, contributing to nature conservation and creating a better future for the planet and future generations.

His Excellency said: “Today we begin the countdown to the 100 days that separate us from the commencement of COP28 conference activities on UAE soil, a date we have been eagerly awaiting. The UAE’s journey with past, present and future in addressing climate change domestically and globally. COP28 in the UAE We live and see it as an achievement in the future.” We are participating as an active party to help tackle one of the most challenging challenges humanity has ever faced.

In his speech announcing the 100-day countdown that separates us from the start of COP28, he added: “The UAE’s climate action model is based on full cooperation and coordination of efforts between various relevant parties, including federal and local. government agencies, the private sector and individuals from all walks of life. This participatory approach ensures that we are all inclusive and is the approach adopted by the UAE in addressing climate change, socially and economically adapting to these variables, our global environmental and climate obligations, and global warming both. It contributes to reducing the global warming below 1.5°C and keeping it below 1.5°C, a goal the world can still reach.

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His Excellency said: “As we prepare to host the Conference of the Parties, we are focusing our eyes on a safe, climate and environmental future, and we are actively working with all parties to advance the goals of our participation in the Global Conference. The UAE’s commitment to achieving its climate commitments in the past It has seen several steps that exemplify commitment, most notably renewing Nationally Determined Contributions and setting an ambitious target of reducing emissions by 40% under a business-as-usual scenario. As part of the UAE’s efforts to achieve climate neutrality by 2030, 2050, it is announcing a National Hydrogen Strategy and updating the National Energy Strategy 2050.

The past has seen many initiatives with the participation of various community groups and the private sector to support the UAE’s climate and environmental initiatives in reducing emissions, promoting sustainable food security, protecting biodiversity, nature conservation, sustainable financing, circular economy, and other important topics.”

His Excellency continued: “Under the umbrella of the Year of Sustainability, the next 100 days until the start of COP28 will see various initiatives announced by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and the Government and all relevant authorities. The private sector in the UAE, which will contribute to achieving our climate and environmental goals.” Across a range of sectors, and supported by wise leadership, the UAE will participate in the Conference of the Parties armed with a development model that places sustainability at the top of its priorities and enhances its leadership and position in this key sector.

His Excellency said: “We look forward to COP28, where the world can work together to support rapid energy transition in all countries of the world, to achieve emission reduction targets by 2030 and to implement country-specific climate financing mechanisms. One way to support them to achieve the set climate targets, and to help societies adapt to climate changes. .” With all available support. As a priority, we look forward to making COP28 the most inclusive Conference of the Parties. One is left behind.”

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His Excellency concluded by saying: “Collaboration is the secret word behind all our endeavours, and that is the only way we can create a better future for ourselves and future generations. In collaboration, we can think together, exchange ideas and unite for solutions. We can control climate change, adapt to it and turn its challenges into opportunities, which Together, we will ensure that COP28 is a defining moment in the UAE’s and humanity’s march towards a sustainable future in which all enjoy prosperity, prosperity and growth.”

He became al-Husayn / Ahmad al-Nu’imi

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