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Fast charging.. Electric cars are waiting for the “super battery”.



Should you be worried about electric cars?

Electric cars have strongly imposed their presence in the global car market in recent years as they have gained more confidence among customers.

The number of electric cars registered worldwide will reach 10.83 million units in 2022, up 61.3 percent from 2021, according to market research firm SNE Research.

Although electric car sales will hit a record in 2022, motivating people and persuading them to buy this type of car still faces many difficulties, especially the slow process of charging the car battery and the speed of its expiration. Abandon the idea of ​​buying an electric car.

The origin of the super battery

But this dilemma will be a thing of the past with the announcement of today’s Amberex Technology Co. Ltd., known as CATL, has announced a new battery that could be a game-changer in the electric vehicle industry.

The new CATL battery bears the name Shenxing and supports the high-speed charging feature, as it gives the car the ability to walk for 400 km after only 10 minutes of charging, and the Shenxing battery gives cars the ability to walk. 700 km range after a full charge, which will encourage more people to adopt electric cars.

According to CATL, Shenxing is the first LFP or Lithium Iron Phosphate battery to support the high-speed charging feature. Shenxing charges up to 80 percent in 30 minutes, even at -10 degrees Celsius.

It is known that the performance of electric cars is affected by extreme cold, as batteries become less efficient when the temperature drops below zero, so CATL ensures that its Shenxing battery also overcomes this weakness and ensures that the battery will be produced in high volumes. By the end of 2023, it will be available to customers in the first quarter of 2024.

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CATL Corporation

Contemporary Amberex Technology Co., Ltd. China Ltd., known as CATL, is the world’s largest maker of electric car batteries, accounting for more than 37 percent of sales in the sector, and its most important customers include companies such as Tesla, Mercedes and Hyundai.

CATL’s market value is expected to be around $135 billion by 2022, and its revenue will rise 152 percent to $4.6 billion in 2022, driven by increasing global demand for electric vehicles.

In an interview with “Sky News Arabia Economy”, communications engineer Hassan El-Tesoghi said that the Shenxing battery announced by CATL makes a quantum leap in the field, as it allows the vehicle to travel 400 km after charging. 10 minutes, while the best batteries and charging technologies currently available on the market belong to Fast Track Tesla, which allows vehicles to travel between 260 and 322 km after charging the battery for 15 minutes.

Many companies have announced over the years that they have developed fast-charging batteries for electric cars, but the big problem is that these companies have not been able to launch their products on a commercial scale. There is a theory that does not suit everyone in this field. In fact, although the Shenxing battery is a real innovation, it will see the light in 2024 and take the electric vehicle world to a new level in terms of battery charging speed. and limitation.

According to Al-Desouki, the Shenxing battery belongs to the LFP type, which means “lithium iron phosphate”, which is exceptional in charging standards because its capacity can be charged to 100 percent without rapid deterioration, and this element contributed to the battery’s ability to withstand ultra-fast charging technology.

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When talking about the Shenxing battery, CATL pointed out that it is the world’s first LFP battery that supports 4C high-speed charging technology, and the term 4C means that the battery can theoretically be fully charged. A quarter of an hour, but it seems that the company has now settled on a certain percentage of charging capabilities.

A breakthrough in the electric vehicle industry

For his part, Eli Noble, a sales manager specializing in electric cars, told “Economy Sky News Arabia” in an interview that the problem of charging electric cars has been the biggest challenge the industry has faced since its inception. At charging stations, this is not the case for Tesla car owners, who can charge their vehicles in just 15 minutes through the company’s network of Supercharger stations.

Knopf believes that the Schenksing battery, which can be obtained by various car manufacturers, could break the exclusivity of progress that Tesla cars enjoy in this field, if these companies can introduce better charging systems according to the capabilities. Shenxing Battery indicates that this innovation will undoubtedly be a breakthrough in the electric vehicle industry, and it will encourage more customers to acquire electric vehicles, capable of traveling distances on a 10-minute charge. 400 km is more than good.

According to Nofal, CATL was able to reach Shenxing by achieving a new superior engineering formula that improved the level of power transmission, with more details about the new invention expected to emerge in 2024. The speed and distance of the charging process for electric car batteries will be reduced in the next few years.

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