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Emirates News Agency – Ministry of Health and Social Security reports that 3 new cases of “monkey pox” have been reported in the country.


Abu Dhabi, May 29, 2020 (WAM) – The Ministry of Health and Social Security has announced that 3 new cases of “monkey pox” have been reported in the country, in line with the policy adopted by health officials to monitor the disease and diagnose the disease in advance. .

The ministry has confirmed that the monkey box is an infectious virus, but its transmission routine is relatively low compared to the “Covit-19” virus, and it is the most important method of transmission from one person to another through body fluids and respiratory droplets. , Contact with infected person’s skin lesions, and contact with infected person’s fluids or surfaces contaminated with placenta from pregnant mother to her fetus.

The Ministry recommended that members of the community follow all safety and health precautions, take preventative measures during travel and meetings, and avoid unsafe and unhealthy behaviors.

The Ministry of Health and Social Security has assured the community members that the health authorities in the country will take all necessary steps including investigation, inspection and follow up and will continue to work diligently and diligently to ensure that the health sector is prepared to face. All Infections and Infectious Diseases.

Furthermore, all health officials in the country adopt an integrated national guideline for dealing with victims and those associated with monkey flu, which will include complete isolation in hospitals until victims recover, and isolation of close contacts for a period of not less than 21 years. Days of being at home, and monitoring their health, while ensuring their firmness in the home stone.

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The Ministry has appealed to the honorable public to seek information from the official sources of the country and to avoid spreading rumors and misinformation, rather than the importance of the improvements and instructions given by the health authorities.

Wam / Azim Al-Ghauli

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