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Emirates News Agency – OPEC secretary-general to WAM: Oil and gas industry plays key role in addressing climate change


– The global energy landscape requires a common vision that connects the three challenges of energy sustainability, namely its security, affordability and emission reduction.

– Crystallizing a universal vision where all energy sources and all technologies are considered without bias.

– “COP28” is an opportunity to unite the world and adopt practical solutions to face the consequences of climate change.

The UAE plays a key role in supporting OPEC.

From Nasser al-Jabri and Ahmad al-Nu’imi.

Vienna, July 4 / WAM / Secretary General of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Haitham Al-Qais stressed the importance of promoting dialogue in the global energy sector with the participation of developed and developing countries and all stakeholders. Aiming to create and crystallize a common vision, it combines the triple dilemma of energy sustainability, in which all energy sources and all technologies are treated without discrimination, the interests of all countries are respected, all voices are heard and based on multiple pathways to reduce global carbon emissions.

In an interview with Emirates news agency WAM ahead of the opening of the Eighth International OPEC Conference in the Austrian capital Vienna tomorrow, he said the challenges of the triple dilemma of energy sustainability include energy security-related goals. , it believes that investments in reducing emissions should be driven by the need for affordability and emissions reduction, carbon capture, use and storage, the use of a circular carbon economy, reducing methane leakage and flaring, and capturing carbon directly from the air. , hydrogen production, integration of renewable energy sources into oil and gas operations, and use of smart technologies to increase energy efficiency.

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As OPEC expectations indicate that the world economy will double by 2045, average global production of oil and natural gas will reach 100 million barrels of oil and 4,000 billion cubic meters of natural gas in 2022, said Haitham Al-Qais. As population increases, demand for all energy sources, including oil and natural gas, will increase by about 23%.

On the UAE’s role in supporting the organization’s efforts, Al-Qais praised the UAE’s support to the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). , as evident by its contributions to the Declaration of Joint Cooperation Agreement. OPEC Plus”.

His Excellency pointed out that OPEC, in light of the fruitful cooperation and dialogue between it and the UAE, has signed an agreement with the Emirates news agency WAM, according to which the company will be the media partner for the eighth edition of the international OPEC. The conference, which will be held on July 5 and 6 in Vienna, the Austrian capital, will be attended by around 50 high-level speakers from energy producing and consuming countries, including the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, His Excellency Suhail bin Mohammed Al Mazrouei, in addition to heads and CEOs of international companies and organizations from the public and private sectors.

Al-Qais welcomed guests to the conference, which will be held at the historic Hofburg Palace in the Austrian capital, which will include constructive discussion sessions on the energy sector and its developments, as well as several important issues such as energy security, energy transition and investment promotion.

On the hopes and aspirations of the Conference of the Parties (COP28) to be hosted by the United Arab Emirates later this year, OPEC’s Secretary General said the conference represents an important opportunity to bring the world together to agree on practice and ambition. Solutions to face the phenomenon of climate change is expected to be a practical conference focusing on its implementation. And should be based on scientifically supported innovative solutions based on principles of equality and inclusion for all.

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He said “COP28” will make it possible to achieve ambitious, fair and balanced results; Climate action should ensure equitable transition by supporting developing countries in a fair and equitable manner in light of national conditions and priorities, focusing on climate finance, exchange of experiences and transfer of technology. Technology solutions that drive ambition and remove barriers to collective climate action.

The Secretary General of “OPEC” pointed out that since the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm in 1972, the organization and its member countries have made no effort to give top priority to issues related to the environment and climate change. FAO has participated in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change since its inception in 1994 and has fully participated in the negotiation process under the leadership of the United Nations, with the clear vision that developing countries are often and severely affected by climate change.

Al-Qais said that OPEC and member countries are committed to the goals and principles of the agreement and will play an important role in its implementation as active partners to reach fair and realistic solutions through the key role of the oil and gas sector. Encourage investment to improve energy efficiency and play a role in tackling climate change, including technological innovations such as carbon capture and storage technologies.

On the global energy sector’s efforts to combat climate change, he said many oil-producing countries are making great strides in using renewable and environmentally friendly energy and reducing carbon emissions. A level like commitment by developed countries to provide valuable support, $100 billion annually to developing countries under the UNFCCC to finance climate action; This commitment plays an important role in promoting the global transition towards more sustainable energy systems.

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