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Emirates News Agency – Paynat CEO: 45% of our projects contribute to achieving Abu Dhabi’s goals in smart transport and digital twinning.


By: Rami Samy.

ABU DHABI, September 13 / WAM / Abdullah Al Shamsi, Chief Operating Officer of Bayanat, a subsidiary of G42, which specializes in artificial intelligence-based geospatial data solutions, said it contributes 45% of the company’s current projects. Smart Abu Dhabi to achieve the goals of the Emirate’s projects in various fields including digital twinning for smart transport management and simulation.

Al Shamsi, in a statement to Emirates News Agency, WAM, said Bayan’s comprehensive approach generally uses sustainability to address environmental challenges and pave the way for a more sustainable and resilient future for rapidly urbanizing areas in the UAE and beyond.

He explained that the UAE is increasing the impact of artificial intelligence in smart cities, noting that Bayanat is at the forefront of these developments, particularly through digital twin technologies and a smart mobility fleet. Public Transport, Planning, Design and Urban Management.

Digital Twins use high-definition geospatial data and 3D planning and integrate the capabilities of Internet of Things technologies and artificial intelligence, allowing us to create visual visualizations of our physical environment and assets as they combine data generated from various sources. In real time, it helps to simulate different scenarios. Take sound decisions to choose the best ways to optimize resource allocation and infrastructure development and play a decisive role in managing and designing cities.

He pointed out that modern public transport is considered a fundamental pillar of any successful city and this is what drives the utility to continuously innovate new solutions for smart transport, with a smart transport fleet of self-driving vehicles managed by us across Yas Island and Saadiyat. Uses data generated in real time. Real to improve the efficiency of transport networks and reduce congestion and emissions.

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He said: “Our main goal is to improve operational efficiency and the lives of the general population. Our technologies allow us to monitor and improve energy consumption and basic services, and this leads to the creation of sustainable and effective smart cities that serve as models for other cities to follow.”

By using geospatial information and artificial intelligence, he asserted that Paynat works to improve transport networks, reduce traffic congestion and overall travel time. Bayanat’s smart transportation solutions use smart sustainable and eco-friendly modes of transportation, a real-time, data-driven approach that helps city planners and commuters make informed decisions and encourages the use of public transportation and alternative modes of transportation. Contributes to reducing emissions and achieving sustainable urbanization.

Responding to a question about the compatibility of Bayanat’s solutions with the country’s vision to protect the environment and its ambitious goals in the field of sustainability, Al Shamsi said, “Our commitment to environmental stewardship and climate action reflects our support for the UAE’s strategy. It is the field of innovation and sustainability that is considered an integral part of our approach to designing our solutions.” Pointing out that the company has a partnership with “Ocean”.

Al Shamsi added: “This helps us better understand the impact of climate change on the marine environment and develop new ways to protect our oceans. Other collaborative projects, such as our collaboration with the Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi and other government agencies, support us in protecting the country’s ecosystem.”

Advanced technologies can be a powerful tool to improve environmental sustainability, Al-Shami said, and we have innovative solutions that include our dual digital platform, demonstrating the tangible benefits of integrating technology in the field of environmental stewardship. By adopting these technologies, we expect to see significant reductions and significant improvements. A negative impact on the environment.”

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The company’s geospatial information gives city planners the ability to process large amounts of data at an unprecedented rate, said Bayanat’s chief operating officer. More informed decisions. Thus, they can improve resource management and energy efficiency within smart cities.

He explained that Bayonat’s high-definition satellite images and aerial photography assess land use, monitor development, identify environmentally safe areas for infrastructure development, and provide remote sensing data to support modern urban planning.

On the role of Bayanat solutions in promoting sustainability and addressing environmental challenges resulting from rapid urban expansion, he said, “Bayanat, as part of its strategic approach, ensures that its technological innovations do not have a negative impact on the environment. Solutions to mitigate climate challenges.”

Paynat’s Chief Operating Officer added, “The company’s smart mobility solutions work to improve transportation networks, reduce traffic congestion and emissions, and improve road safety, contributing to cleaner air and improved mobility. Providing Public Transport.” Development of Sustainable Cities and Cities Fit for Future Generations.”

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