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Emirates News Agency – Rapid change in the global work landscape with the development of technology and artificial intelligence


  • Accelerating changes in the global work landscape with the growth of technology and artificial intelligence

– Global Future Councils in session on the future of jobs by 2023.
• Changyun: Investment in human education should be commensurate with investment in machine education.
• Mantecna: Automation of jobs covers some tasks and development will create more employment opportunities for humans.
• Parado: Continuous learning improves people’s retention of most opportunities in the labor market.
• Smoska: A holistic view of the future jobs that technological development will create is needed.

DUBAI, October 17 / WAM / In a session titled “Rapid Engineering of Artificial Intelligence Inputs…Exploring a World of New Jobs”, the speakers discussed several questions regarding the continuous changes recorded in the global job sector imposed by the acceleration of modern technologies. Artificial intelligence technology, sustainability applications and the nature of the relationship between humans and machines.

Participants in the session held within the framework of the Global Future Councils 2023 meetings, organized in Dubai as part of the strategic partnership between the Government of the United Arab Emirates and the World Economic Forum, affirmed that rapid technological changes will be imposed. They explained that 6 in 10 employees worldwide have an urgent need for training and development to handle modern technologies in less than five years, and advanced technology and artificial intelligence are expected to provide millions of jobs in the coming years. The types of work require digital skills and we need to start adopting them now, or humans will start to suffer operational damage.
(Investment in Human Education)
Director of the International Labor Organization’s Labor Policy Department, Lee Changyun, emphasized the need to strike a balance between the amount of investment spent on developing artificial intelligence and machine learning technology and between investing in human education and what should be spent on their development. Skills So we don’t see human resource opportunities disappearing fast in the market.
He explained that the pace of technological development has changed very rapidly. Five years ago, blockchain was the main trend and everyone’s skills were trained and developed in it. Now we have entered the stage of “GPT Chat” and similar applications of artificial intelligence. A new type of skills needs to be developed, which new generations need to master and secure their place in the labor market.
(Job Automation)
Michaela Mantegna, a TED fellow at the University of San Andres in Buenos Aires, Argentina, said: In the future, modern technology, especially artificial intelligence, will provide a large number of jobs for human resources. The point is that the ability to benefit from these jobs is linked to the development of skills. Digital for individuals.
At the present time, humans still hold the largest and most important proportion of jobs, but he pointed out that this will not last long if we do not keep up with the pace of technological development.
(Flexible and Advanced Education)
For his part, Eric Barado, Chief Economist and Director General of the Department of Research at the Inter-American Development Bank, and one of the Young World Leaders, pointed to the urgent need to design advanced, flexible and rapidly evolving educational curricula. As the world today is considered to be at the peak of growth, it is able to keep pace with the needs of the labor market. Technology can change completely in 3 to 4 years.
He said: “Individuals should have a flexible mindset with constant training and learning. Every individual should be eager to make a real difference by learning modern technology and methods of handling it, after regular education. Labor market.
(Projects for Development)
Regarding the pace of technological development; Marta Smoska, director of the digitalization department at the Serbian Prime Minister’s Office, said: “The biggest problem we are facing now is that the development of technology is no longer the end goal, so we don’t know where this vision will take us. Will machines take over the entire labor market or will human workers still have a role? .
Smoska emphasized the urgent need to develop a clear vision of the jobs being replaced by machines and the jobs being created by the development of technology. The element, which helps determine directions for developing artificial intelligence technologies in a practical and effective manner, achieves balance and benefits for all parties.
With nearly 50% of the world’s population not fully or partially connected to the Internet, he pointed out, the takeover of the labor market by machines and artificial intelligence is still a long way off.
It is noteworthy that the Global Future Councils are organized in an annual forum with the participation of around 600 international experts and thinkers across 30 councils, together with government officials and representatives of international organizations and academics, with the aim of setting plans for the future. Directions for 2024 World Economic Forum meetings.
Since its inception in 2008, in partnership with the Government of the United Arab Emirates and the World Economic Forum, the Global Future Councils have brought together more than 12,000 participants from 100 countries, discussing the future of the fields most closely related to human life in about 900 councils. .

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