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Emirates News Agency – The Ministry of Health is organizing a workshop to measure and assess the impact of climate change on health.


DUBAI, 18th July, 2020 (WAM) — The Ministry of Health and Social Security has organized a training workshop aimed at measuring and assessing the health impact of climate change, raising awareness and building skills in the field of addressing the challenges of climate change. Its impact on health in collaboration with the WHO Regional Office and several government agencies involved in the state.

The workshop, held in Dubai, falls within the framework of the ministry’s pioneering efforts to strengthen sustainable health systems and develop a national framework to address climate change and its impact on public health in the UAE.

The workshop discussed methods and methodologies for assessing the impacts of air pollution on health. This included the implementation of several group exercises for training in measuring and assessing the impacts of climate change, and evaluating existing response and adaptation options. in the field of health, and preparation of a National Adaptation Plan for Health in collaboration with the World Health Organization.

The workshop provides an interactive platform for participants to better understand the health impacts of climate change, identify effective measures for adaptation, and develop relevant skills. Change.

In his speech at the opening of the workshop, His Excellency Dr. Hussain Abdel Rahman Al-Rand, Assistant Under-Secretary for Public Health, affirmed the UAE’s keenness to actively contribute to supporting international efforts in the field of health impact assessment. Climate change, assessing existing response and adaptation options in the health sector and achieving a national adaptation plan for health, especially as the UAE prepares to host the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28), a major global event.

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He said the organization of the workshop was an extension and continuation of the efforts made by the Ministry of Health and Social Security in previous years when launching the “UAE National Framework on Climate Change and Health”. From 2019 to 2021, in collaboration with the World Health Organization and in collaboration with other government agencies, the state is concerned with the common vision of creating a resilient and environmentally friendly health system by increasing the effectiveness of preventive health programs, identifying health variables. Climate-related disease burdens, monitoring them, meeting their needs and preparing for them.

Al-Rand said the Ministry has launched the UAE’s national framework on climate change and its impact on health, benefiting from previous experience and working with the World Health Organization to ensure safety through coordinated local joint efforts, expertise and capacities. The Ministry is also working to improve the response of health information systems to the impact of climate change on public health, with the aim of anticipating the pace of climate change and global change, the consequences of these changes and their consequences. An early warning system, and conducting a national assessment of the resilience of health facility infrastructure to the effects of climate change.

For his part, WHO expert Engr. Mazen Al-Malkawi stressed the importance of global and regional programs to reduce the effects of climate change and protect public health, pointing out that climate change is a major challenge for public health, pointing out the urgent need to strengthen global cooperation, and develop effective strategies for adaptation between countries and international organizations, climate change and the health of communities. Emphasizes the need to take conservation, preventive measures to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and ensure the health and well-being of communities.

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During the workshop, the ministry reviewed the commitments of the health sector in the UAE and the achievements of the Ministry of Health and Prevention in this sector.

The workshop saw practical exercises on methodology and methodology for developing an assessment plan for multiple assessments of health vulnerability to climate change and adaptation and vulnerabilities, capacities and adaptation according to WHO tools. Formulation of National Health Adaptation Plan as per World Health Organization guidelines and as per operational framework specified by it with the aim of improving the country’s national framework on climate change and its impact on health.

The workshop is seen as a milestone in renewing the national framework on climate change and health, ensuring alignment with international best practices and scientific advances, and affirming the government’s commitment to building a resilient health system capable of protecting and improving public health. Changing climate conditions.

Mustafa Badr al-Din / Halimah al-Shamsi

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