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Emirates News Agency – With practical initiatives and projects, the UAE is improving the global presence of the “Dat language”.


The Department of Reports from Abu Dhabi, December 17 / WAM / UAE has upgraded the level of protection and development of the Arabic language with a number of practical initiatives and projects that are restoring the Arabic language to its proper place in its languages. Has proven its ability to keep pace with the waves of modernization in the world and the current era.

Tomorrow, the United Arab Emirates celebrates International Arabic Language Day on December 18 each year, and its achievements are replete with contributions that have contributed to the preservation of the Arabic language and its real progress and integration at various levels. Its status in the local community and globally.

State President Sheikh Khalifa bin Saeed Al Nahyan’s vision, “May God protect him” and his concern for the Arabic language form the basis of his long-standing efforts and relentless efforts to protect the United Arab Emirates. Arabic language Arabic and its security.

The Arab Language Charter, proclaimed in April 2012 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, is considered a milestone in the United Arab Emirates. Its efforts to preserve the Arabic language due to a set of valuable and practical efforts aimed at promoting the presence of the “language of the enemy” in all areas of the march and life.

In 2012, he announced the establishment of an Advisory Committee on the Arabic Language. Mohammed bin Rashid Award for Arabic Language, Arabic Reading Challenge Initiative, Initiative for “Bill Arabic” and others.

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These efforts include the establishment of a translation college under the umbrella of Mohammed bin Rashid College for Media at the American University in Dubai and the establishment of an institution to teach Arabic to non-native speakers.

As an unprecedented achievement, the “Madrasa” digital education platform, part of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiative on the Education Axis, announced the completion of 1,000 Arabic language video lessons and received 14 million views within the promised year. Provide quality content that is accessible to Arab students by the end of 2020.

His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member and Ruler of the Supreme Council of Sharjah, published the first 17 volumes of this year’s International Day of the Arabic Language “Historical Dictionary of the Arabic Language”. A major linguistic project funded by His Highness, the ruler of Sharjah, and for the first time the vocabulary of the Dat language and changes in its use over the last 17 centuries.

A website and a smart application dedicated to the Arabic Dictionary of History, in which each researcher can find out what has been done in this dictionary and search for the words and texts he or she would like.

For its part, the Association for the Preservation of the Arabic Language in Sharjah represents the relationship between all organizations, organizations and the Forum for Individuals to foster interest in Arabic language issues. Organizing seminars and conferences on the Arabic language and supporting activities that promote national identity, such as participating in conferences inside and outside the country, to teach language and literary skills, including poetry, prose, literature and journalism. , For Arabic speakers.

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Arabic is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the Semitic language group and is spoken by more than 422 million people, mainly in the Arab world. In addition to many neighboring geographical areas, the United Nations is hosting tomorrow’s Expo 2020 Dubai Festival events in Arabic, with its beauty and value. These events illustrate the importance of preserving the heritage of the Arabic language and supporting its use in global politics. , Economic and cultural affairs.

WAM / Majdi Salman / Mustafa Badr El-Din / Imad Al-Ali

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