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Emirates news Emirates companies and banks are high on regional distribution


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According to the “Economic Report”, the total cash dividends of the “51” companies listed on the local capital market will exceed 41 billion dirhams by 2021, making the UAE-based companies and banks more profitable in terms of dividends. Middle East and North Africa. According to the survey, the total turnover of the 31 companies listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange is around 32 billion dirhams, while the total turnover of the 20 companies listed on the Dubai Financial Market is 9.1 billion dirhams.

Experts and Analysts Experts and analysts believe that investors are an important indicator for companies to evaluate their strengths, their lending and their cash flow, as well as being a safe haven for them and one of the most important drivers in the marketplace.

Etisalat topped the list with a total distribution value of 6.95 billion dirhams, equivalent to 80 fils per share, half of which were approved in the first half of last year, the second half still under approval, followed by “First Abu Dhabi Bank” about 5.35 billion. Dirhams, equivalent to 49 bills per share, with a free share dividend of 2.29 billion dirhams, followed by “TAQA” 3.35 billion dirhams, followed by “Emirates NBD” 3.15 billion dirhams and “ADNOCs distribution 2.57 billion dirhams, ADNOC” in sixth place. For drilling with a total dividend of 2.52 billion dirhams, then “Dubai Islami” 1.8 billion dirhams, then “Vertiglobe” 1.25 billion dirhams, followed by “Altar Assets” 1.17 billion dirhams, then “Abu Dhabi Islamists” 1.13 billion dirhams.

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Many more companies over the past year have not yet released their cash disbursements as the total value of the distributions is expected to rise in the next few weeks as companies continue to disclose their plans, and many of these distributions have been approved by the General Assembly, although some more have been proposed, awaiting approval in the near future.

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