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Emirates Nuclear Company has launched a roadmap to reduce the carbon footprint of its Barakah plants.


Emirates Nuclear Corporation launched a roadmap to reduce the carbon footprint of all operations, whether at the corporation’s facilities or the locations of Barakah nuclear plants, and began developing plans for this initiative. The US Department of Energy’s “Idaho National Laboratory” is one of the largest and most scientific research institutions in the world.
This is in line with the UAE’s strategic initiative to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 and the “Nuclear Energy for Climate Neutrality” initiative launched by the Corporation and the International Atomic Energy Agency.
The roadmap, launched during the “Nuclear Energy for Climate Neutrality” summit on the sidelines of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations COP28 Framework Convention on Climate Change, will include setting the path for the implementation of the Emirates Nuclear Corporation. Reduce its carbon footprint and use advanced technology to achieve climate neutrality for all its operations. And the expertise of the American Idaho Laboratory Group, particularly the Barakah nuclear power plants developed by the corporation in Abu Dhabi, is planned to provide 25% of this. Once the UAE’s electricity requirements are fully operational, it will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the country’s energy sector, enabling sectors and businesses to be part of a carbon-free economy by producing the environmentally friendly electricity required to obtain clean energy certificates. In Abu Dhabi.
The roadmap also includes developing ways to reduce the carbon footprint of various activities at the Baraka plant site, such as transportation, energy storage facilities and carbon capture. Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation is exploring opportunities to expand nuclear power projects within and outside the UAE. In addition to advanced nuclear technologies including mini-modular reactors and hydrogen production using nuclear energy.
The Foundation’s focus includes international cooperation to contribute to strengthening the world’s journey towards climate neutrality, reducing the carbon footprint of the transport and heavy industry sectors, in addition to converting coal plants to nuclear power plants.
The roadmap for reducing the company’s carbon footprint includes new technologies, funding and incentives, communication with partners, awareness campaigns, governance, policies and regulations, research, development and innovation, local and international partnerships and ecosystem. , and developing human skills.
Mohammed Al Hammadi, Managing Director and CEO of Emirates Nuclear Corporation, said, “Together with the American Idaho National Laboratory, we are making progress towards achieving our goals of contributing to achieving climate neutrality in the UAE by 2050. A global process to transition to environmentally friendly energy sources.” At Emirates Nuclear Corporation we plan beyond the broad reduction of the carbon footprint carried out by the Barakah plants and seek to increase our contribution to achieving climate neutrality. and help contribute to achieving climate neutrality.
He continued: “In addition, we will continue to strengthen international cooperation to increase the productivity of nuclear energy and improve its existing and new technologies, with the aim of supporting the global process of transition to energy sources without carbon emissions. Confronting climate change.”
Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation and the American Idaho National Laboratory have decided to collaborate to develop systems for the production of hydrogen, ammonia, oxygen, water and steam on a commercial scale as part of their vision for a future of carbon-free exports. to meet the growing global demand for hydrogen and ammonia.
For his part, John Wagner, Director of the US Idaho National Laboratory, said: “The US Idaho National Laboratory has a recognized scientific leadership position in the design, development and deployment of nuclear energy technology worldwide. Through this collaboration, we will. To support the goals, leverage our capabilities and expertise in the nuclear energy sector through renewable and climate neutral systems.
The Corporation and the International Atomic Energy Agency, with the support of the International Atomic Energy Agency, launched the “Nuclear Energy for Climate Neutrality” initiative during the World Nuclear Energy Conference in September 2023 to double nuclear power’s production capacity and improve its efficiency. Contribute to achieving global goals to ensure energy security and reduce emissions. As the next phase of the UAE’s peaceful nuclear energy program, Emirates Nuclear Corporation is focused on exploring and attracting strategic investments in nuclear energy, both domestically and internationally, with the aim of supporting the country’s growth and development.

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