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Emirates weather tomorrow.. Significant drop in temperature


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The National Meteorological Center expects weather conditions to be unstable tomorrow, and the weather will be partly cloudy, with convective rain clouds forming in different parts of the country, and a significant drop in temperature, and winds will be moderate to gusty and strong at times with dust-inducing cloud activity.

The center said in its daily press release that the wind will be south-east to north-east and north-west/25 to 35 with gusts of 55 kmph. The waves in the Arabian Gulf are turbulent and sometimes very turbulent with cloudy conditions. The wave occurs at 14:10 and the second at 00:15

First island at 17:59 and second at 07:51. In the sea of ​​Oman, waves are turbulent and sometimes very turbulent with cloud activity. The first wave occurs at 09:55 and the second wave occurs. at 20:25, the first island at 15:35 and the second at 03:29.
Below is the report of expected temperature and maximum and minimum humidity levels for tomorrow:
City Maximum Temperature Minimum Temperature Maximum Humidity Minimum Humidity
Abu Dhabi 34 30 80 35
Dubai 35 29 85 30
Sharjah 33 29 80 35
Ajman 32 28 85 30
Umm al-Quwain 34 27 90 40
Ras Al Khaimah 32 28 90 45
Fujairah 28 26 95 40
Al Ain 32 26 80 35
Liwa 35 29 85 35
Ruwais 33 26 85 30
Items 32 27 80 30
Delma 35 30 85 50
Greater Tunb 34 29 80 40
Lesser Tunb 34 29 80 40
Abu Musa 33 28 85 35

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