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Emirati students take part in campaign to track asteroid “Justicia” in US Wheatland


A large number of Emirati students are participating in a campaign to observe the asteroid “Justicia” in the American grasslands, and aim to explore it and collect scientific data about it, providing a deeper understanding of its size, orbit and orbit. Prakasam through the use of telescopes expressed their joy in joining this quality experiment in association with Emirates Space Agency.

While the study expertise of the participants varied, covering soil and crop science, economics, physics and mathematics, and aerospace engineering, their skills and abilities positively reflected the development of national competencies in the field of aerospace. .

Develop skills

Amar Al-Thawabi, who studies soil and crop science, participated in the “Justicia” asteroid observation campaign as an exciting and unprecedented experience, as he learned a lot about the importance of astronomical research with astronomical instruments such as telescopes. How to observe asteroids enriching his knowledge of the universe thanks to brilliant leadership.

The Emirates Space Agency and the Emirates Mission are giving them this unique opportunity to explore the asteroid belt, which will open up new frontiers for them in discovering knowledge, while he pointed out his interest in finding a link to knowledge, connecting space science with the soil. Science, Crops and Agriculture, to create sustainable projects in space, creating key sectors that serve this sector.

Sultan Al Balushi, who studies economics, continued that participating in the campaign was a unique opportunity to learn something new and develop his skills and understanding of the universe. He said he was very proud to be a part of this national initiative. And at the same time we look forward to more participation. , which enhances his knowledge and contributes to the development of the National Space Industry, while Hamdan Al Mansoori, who studies physics and mathematics, explained that the excitement he felt was hard to describe. When he saw the asteroid “Justicia” pass in front of the star, it was an unforgettable moment.

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Share experiences

Working with the Emirates mission team to explore the asteroid belt represents a great opportunity to learn and exchange experiences in this exciting and important future field, he said, thanking the brilliant leadership and everyone who contributed to the implementation of this campaign. May there be many more successes in the future, while Khaled Al-Naqbi, who studies aerospace engineering in astrophysics, said that participating in the campaign was an inspiring experience in every sense of the word, and working with a special team.

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