May 28, 2023

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Enas Al-Deghaidy: Islamic extremism behind attack on “Friends and Dearest” movie | News

Director Inas L. Dekaydi has expressed his admiration for the critically acclaimed film “Ashab Wa Wal Aziz” by actress Mona Saki.

In an interview with Yasmin Ez Media on MBC Egypt’s “Kalam Al Nass”, Inas Al Degheidy explained that the film “Friends and Lovers” was appropriate to the culture of the Lebanese community and should not be underestimated. Culture of Egyptian society.

He also talked about Mona Jackie: “Even though the actress is Egyptian, he needs her and she is part of a job.”

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Enas Al-Deghaidi confirmed: “Mona Jackie is an actress, she does everything, I do this, this has nothing to do with what I do,” and the presentation of the film makes her proud, even if it is not. According to her beliefs.

Speaking about the critics, he continued: “This is a new color in the Arab community. We know who saw them and who is creating this story in the minds of the people.”

The events of the movie “Friends and Lovers” revolve around a group of seven friends who meet for dinner, and everyone decides to play the game of putting their mobile phones on the dinner table. Everyone, soon the first game is fun and enjoyable.

The film stars Mona Saki, Yod Nasser, Adel Karam, Nadine Labaki, Diamond Abbott, George Kabas, Fouad Yammin and Wissam Samira has directed in her first directorial experience.

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