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Enemies of the Emirates… The Enemies Themselves – Al-Ittihad Newspaper


Though they are a few and an oppressive band, their voices are discordant noises, their aim is to steal joy, to shrink the heart of joy, to break the peace of laughter, they care not for the learned and the learned, but they hurt joy. Simple and honest loving people, proof of the success, superiority and distinction of any Emirati activity, which bears the mark “Made in the Emirates”, however it is the quality, the pride of the industry and the joy and happiness for Arab lovers, friends among evaluators, it has become a thorn in the throat of the naysayers, why this sentence Why did other haters turn to hate, and spit out the resentment buried in their chests? “Made in the Emirates” is an unpopular phrase for haters, those with agendas, those who are good at plotting, sowing hatred and reveling in bonfires everywhere.
Every achievement of the Emirates, whether it is in economic or industrial excellence, or in creating leadership in creative works, civil services and architectural constructions, but also in doing good and benefiting others in need or affected by natural calamities, has its own enlightening and unique identity. .After toil, effort, success and pursuit all its unique and pioneering work comes, but the enemies of success, geography, history, tenants and rivals who want to fight from afar will come out to him. , and from the holes and dens of darkness, they will corrupt him with a sarcastic word, and with a sarcastic phrase wipe away the title of excellence, there is no fault with him. Profession, not for want of quality, or distinction, they do it because they follow it by the name of the Emirates, and therefore belong to the stables in the Emirates. If a horse wins a race in southern France, they shower that horse with curses and they make it easy. For his qualities of blame and frivolity, although he is a pure Arabian horse, his breed is Mamdouh al-Qazal, and he has a history of preference, the same horse, if the owner is from Suriname, they add his qualities, his price, his biography and the history of his origin. Exaggerating, if one of the UAE directors wins an international film festival, the first comment from those people is, thieves of joy, how much did Emirates bribe the jury members to win its director? But if I tell them that the director is a Singaporean and he lives in the United Arab Emirates, Raman Sharar will change the prejudice against the name Emirates, and they will appreciate in the shadow of the high Singapore, an Emirati personality who is handsome and diligent in his knowledge and work, for a high position in a football federation or an international organization. When she ran, she turned all the trumpets of displeasure against it, the chests of the partisans shrank, it was as if someone had slapped her on the cheek or tapped her on the head, and the reason was that the only candidate was from the Emirates, it was made by the Emirates, and if another candidate appeared against her from the Republic of “Togo”, They will support him and support him. , although I don’t know where it is. Togo”, and will try their best to prevent the victory of the UAE candidate and the superiority of the Emirates. The problem with such people is their ignorance, and those who practice ignorance, confuse scientific truths with obvious slanders to bring deception, ignorance and lies to the simple, ignorant and useful, but the Emirates is not affected by them, instead it has progressed with energy and speed. Space Science.
You will know from their faces that the enemies of “Made in the Emirates” have left as smoke and blackness, from the foam that lies at the corners of their mouths, and from the glee in their narrow chests. Coming from the Emirates, it is thanks to the efforts of the Emirates and its people and the wisdom of its leadership!

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